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What’s New in Kitchen Design?

Design trends are constantly adjusting in regards to new styles or materials being incorporated into the kitchen. Each new year comes with new design trends for decorators to try out. These design trends tend to incorporate or combine previous trends or elements in new and different ways to appeal aesthetically. Here are some of the best kitchen designs of 2021.

Kitchen Storage Design

The best kitchen designs, not only address the style of the kitchen, but the functionality of it as well. This year, there have been some updates to kitchen storage in regards to a minimalist design. 

Walk-In Pantry

Kitchen designers and decorators have begun implementing spacious, organized walk-in pantries into the best kitchen designs. This adds to the minimalist trend by taking the majority of food and products out of kitchen cabinets and into the pantry instead. Doing this creates more open space within the kitchen and allows more cabinet space for utensils and other cooking equipment. 

Upper Cabinets

Continuing with the minimalist design trend, the best kitchen designs of 2021 have begun to remove upper cabinetry in favor of simple shelves. Removing these top cabinets gives your kitchen an open space that will feel less cluttered and crowded. Shelving will give your kitchen more options for organization and will be considerably cheaper than any cabinetry work you might have done. 

Hidden Appliances

Another aspect of the best design trends of 2021 is hiding your appliances out of sight. A dishwasher built into the cabinetry underneath the countertops will draw less attention to it and allow the eyes to focus on the design elements of your kitchen you want to highlight. Any other appliances you can hide out of eyesight within the cabinets or under counters will improve the overall appearance as well. Something smaller, like a microwave or toaster, can easily be kept off of countertops and in cabinets to improve the visual design. 

Kitchen Materials

There always seems to be an ebb and flow between modern and traditional kitchen designs. Currently, things seem to be swinging back in the direction of traditional, as more organic and rustic materials are being favored over modern looks.

Ditching Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has been very popular in recent kitchen designs. Stainless steel appliances and finishes create a sleek, clean, chrome look for your kitchen, often accompanied by monotone colors, such as black or white. Now the shift has begun to include more rustic materials, like oak or maple wood and keeping stainless steel to a minimum or incorporating it differently into the kitchen design. 

Kitchen Fixtures

As some of the best kitchen designs move away from stainless steel, many have replaced it with brass instead. Highlighting small accents in your kitchen, or your kitchen fixtures, with brass, or other metals, can make things pop and draw focus to the more artistic parts of your kitchen. 

Environmental Updates

The best kitchen designs of 2021 have included eco-friendly elements to improve the function of your kitchen, as well as how your home interacts with the environment. Using organic and natural materials for the makeup of your kitchen can reduce the waste associated with your kitchen redesign. There also has been a big push from designers to incorporate more window space and air flow in kitchens. Increasing the airflow in your kitchen will keep the temperature stable while also allowing fresh air to flow in. 

The Best Kitchen Designs from Cleveland Cabinets

Cleveland Cabinets in the Greater Cleveland area will work with you to create a 3D virtual design! Visit our website or call (216) 459-7676 today for more information!

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