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Traditional vs. Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Not only are kitchen cabinets functional, but they also add an element of design to any kitchen. So, whether you choose a traditional or modern kitchen design, it’s best to get kitchen cabinets that match your kitchen’s style. In addition, picking the right kitchen cabinets can complete the functionality and look of your kitchen.

Keep in mind that your cabinets need to complement everything in your kitchen: the layout, the countertops, and the appliances. But just what is the difference in the designs between a traditional or a modern kitchen cabinet? Read on below to find out!

Why Defining Décor Style is Complex

Because design is totally subjective, your kitchen project is entirely up to you. And even if you are working with a design team to help you get your desired results, you have the final say about what you want. Remember that this kitchen project is yours. Making a distinction between “modern” or “contemporary” or “traditional” is an important part but they are often blended to achieve great results.

Traditional Cabinets Design

What gives away a traditional kitchen is that they tend to be bulkier and darker than their modern counterparts. They are also more rustic and textured in appearance. Traditional kitchen cabinets also work well with a kitchen that has many windows and an open floor plan. Such designs are both functional and elegant and continue to be a popular design today.

Traditional kitchen cabinet designs tend to embrace not just past designs but also flowing and organic styles. Furthermore, traditional cabinets often use rich, deep, wooden tones such as cherry or mahogany. They also incorporate curves, slopes, and softer edges, in contrast to the sharper edges of modern designs.

And because traditional cabinets are made from different types of wood, they often have a carved design that accompanies them. Opposite to modern cabinets, traditional designs have more ornamentation and details. Traditionally designed kitchens always project warm and classic elements of English and French taste.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchens come with a simple design, are sleeker and more compact. These are characterized by a minimalist look and crisp, clean lines. They also tend to have square and geometry ridges which give the kitchen a polished look. Contemporary and modern kitchens that use floating shelves are also becoming more popular in homes since they add a minimalist touch.

Some of the colors that modern kitchens use often are lighter tones which include whites and grays, along with metallic colors. In addition, modern kitchen cabinets are often crafted from a combination of different materials such as laminate, wood, metal, or glass and finished with a high gloss or lacquered coat to make them shiny and bright.

Furthermore, such kitchens tend to be geared towards functionality and offer a lot of usable storage space along with user-friendly countertops. They also incorporate an economic design to make the cabinets feel “set in place” and more compact. Finally, because modern kitchens are so functional, they are a better choice for busier kitchens with someone who frequently cooks.

Further Tips

If you choose to go with more traditional kitchen cabinets, classic, old-world hardware will suit the design well. This is because they also reflect the details and textures of traditional design cabinets.

On the other hand, simple, clean, and contemporary kitchenware will pair well with a modern kitchen cabinet. Stainless steel appliances will be a great addition to your modern kitchen cabinets as their shiny, metallic appearance completes the bright and glossy finishes of the modern cabinet. These will also add the finishing touch to any modern kitchen.

While we can make the distinctions between modern and traditional styles, it’s best to know that these descriptions are cursory for the most part. If you wanted to, you can blend the two to create your own unique style, to add to the excitement of having a new kitchen design. Remember that the final say of how your kitchen turns out is up to you, so make sure that it’s a design that you will love, whether it is for a modern or a traditional kitchen.

Find Your Style at Cleveland Cabinets

Cleveland Cabinets has modern and traditional cabinet designs, plus many more in our state-of-the-art showrooms. Schedule a visit to one of our showrooms by visiting our website or calling (216) 459-7676 today!

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