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How To Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets – A Handy Guide!

When it comes to organizing your kitchen cabinets, the words “tiresome” and “laziness” are likely to come to mind first.

When we think about it, it looks like organizing kitchen cabinets is a very time-consuming task, which is no doubt!

However, it is also a necessity for us, which is why you’ve been googling for solutions and want to get it done as soon as possible in the most efficient way possible.

Thus, you’ve arrived at the correct location if you’re looking for simple and easy ways to organize your kitchen cabinets.

You’ll find every vital detail you need to know about kitchen cabinet organizing and its tips and tricks.

How To Organize Kitchen Cabinets?

Food storage spaces and junk drawers organization ideas.

That pot lid that you’re using to steam food has vanished into thin air! It’s also frustrating when you want to stir the curry, but the spoon isn’t nearby, and you have to search through all of your kitchen cabinets and drawers to find one that works. Your food has become overcooked during this time, leaving you with nothing but charred food on your plate and an internal fire of rage burning within you. If you can relate to all of this, look elsewhere to blame.

Because of your laziness, it all started with you! Since you didn’t conveniently arrange your kitchen cabinets for you. If you had done a good job of planning ahead of time, you would not have had to deal with this situation.

After all, you were the one responsible for organizing your kitchen cabinets for your gain; therefore, you are solely to blame!

If your kitchen cabinets are a mess, you won’t know where anything is, so it’s essential to organize them for your convenience so that you can find anything at any time.

This handy guide will be a massive help if you’re planning to organize your kitchen cabinetry.

Why Should You Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Use cleaning supplies like baking soda and dish soap to clean kitchens

You will be the only one cooking in your kitchen, so organize your kitchen cabinets in a way that makes sense to you.

Because you are the best at knowing how you work in the kitchen, you are aware of which items you reach for first and what you want repeatedly.

You don’t have to keep searching for the things you use most frequently.

A well-organized kitchen is far preferable to one that is chaotic. It is not only the kitchen that needs to be organized well.

Everything needs to be organized well and in order, whether it’s your kitchen, room, office, or bathroom. Because all disarray will result in a complete waste of time, as you will be wasting time searching for items from one place to another.

Organizing your kitchen cabinets may seem like a daunting task, but here are some convincing reasons for progressing with the task!!

  1. Clean Kitchens Are More Spacious.

  2. For Hygienic Reasons.

  3. Find What You’re Looking For Quickly.

  4. Maintenance That Lasts A Long Time.

  5. Safe From Wasting Time.

Essential Steps to Organize Kitchen Cabinets! 

Use professional organizer for higher shelves. Use our great tips to get items organized

1. Decluttering-Start By Emptying The Cabinets In The Kitchen.

To begin, decluttering, which means emptying every cabinet in the kitchen, is the first step.

You must find a slew of the mess there! In the process of emptying your kitchen cabinets, so you may have realized that you made the correct decision in deciding to organize your kitchen cabinets.

2. Make Sticky Notes To Categorize Each Cabinet.

Next, you’ll need to categorize your kitchen cabinets by making sticky notes. Make sticky notes to label your cabinets, such as “Utensils,” “Spices,” and so on.

So, when you start putting things inside a cabinet, you already know where everything will go because you planned it out beforehand.

3. Make A List Of Kitchen Items – Categorize Your Kitchen Items.

Please list all of your kitchen items; this will assist you later when you begin organizing your kitchen; it will save you a great deal of time because you will already know what is going where; create a list by categorizing your kitchen items and then tick them off one by one after you have finished placing things inside cabinets. What an easy task! Right?

4. Make Use Of The Available Vertical Space In Your Cabinetry 

All of your cabinetry’s horizontal and vertical spaces should be filled to the brim.

You can hang your spoons and forks from those vertical spaces if you like; they can support the weight of your mugs and cups also. To ensure that all of the available space has been utilized.

But also, do not force anything into a cabinet if you are not comfortable doing so because our primary goal is to be organized cleanly, not to move anything into a cabinet if something isn’t going as planned.

5. Keeps Like Items Together

When organizing your cabinets, group similar items together to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

For example, you can keep cooking utensils in the cabinet while storing spices on a side rack or in a drawer. You can also keep powder items in one cabinet while creating a separate cabinet for tea and coffee items. In the same way, you can store other similar things.

6. Color Coordinating

We’re all drawn to color coordination because it’s so appealing to the eye when it comes to color coordination!

To make things even more manageable, we can sort the items by color, making it simple to find what we need.

So, if you want everyone’s attention towards your kitchen and for your ease, arrange your belongings and other items according to the color palette.

7. Upper Cabinets, What To Put In Them?

The most frequently used items need to be placed in the upper cabinets to access easily.

Things to put in the upper cabinets include:

  1. Food

  2. Glasses and dishes

  3. Cookbooks

  4. Food storage containers

8. Lower Cabinets, What To Put In Them?

Lower cabinets are ideal for storing heavy pots and pans, so install them there. Put your most-used pots and pans in lower cabinets for easy access. Put unused pots and pans in the back of cabinets or on lower shelves.

Things to put in the lower cabinets include:

  1. Appliances

  2. Pots, pans, and baking sheets

  3. Mixing bowl and cutting boards

  4. Cleaning supplies

9. Use Magnetic Strips In Your Cabinets

Use other items like magnets on closed doors and cupboard doors

It’s wise to install a magnetic strip in your cabinets if you frequently use metal utensils. Finding spoons, forks, and knives is much easier and faster with this method. Magnetic strips can be used to keep things organized in your kitchen cabinets. The cutlery will be neatly stacked in front of you on magnetic strips, making it simple to locate what you need.

10. Use Your Corner Cabinets!

Corner cabinet organization ideas and dead space, unused space, shelf space ideas to maximize space

So, most people don’t give corner cabinets much thought, but they’re wrong. When it comes to corner cabinets, you’d be surprised at how much room they have to store all of your valuables.

Corner kitchen cabinets can be found in many kitchens with L- or pie-shaped designs.

So, what are the best methods for organizing pie-shaped and L-shaped corner cabinets? That is, I’m sure, what you’re thinking.

When organizing L-Shaped Corner Cabinets, keep in mind these tips.

Kitchen L-shaped corner cabinets work best with round items like bowls and cake plates, small appliances like a wheel or a lazy susan, round trays, and so on.

Round items should be stored in corner shelves to maximize storage.

A corner shelf is ideal for storing items that don’t fit on basic shelves.

Pie-Shaped Corner Cabinets, what to put there?

Large corner cabinets with a turntable are ideal for storing pantry items and other small items. The Pie-shaped corner cabinets can keep canned foods, cereal, and snacks!

Snacks can be stored in the corner of the cabinet, making it easy to locate them during a late-night hunger pang.

11. Get Rid Of The Items Which Are a Waste!

Double-up on everything in your kitchen is a bad idea because you will end up with so much stuff that it will be bubbling out of your kitchen and into everyone’s faces. Having a lot isn’t always the best solution!

Make a list of the essential things you use and throw away the rest, taking up valuable counter space.

 12. Under The Shelves, Use Hooks To Hang Mugs.

It is our primary focus to make our kitchen appear more prominent and airy, to focus on the kitchen cabinet space, and not to overcrowd it as it was before.

Keeping things on the counter is not a good use of space. Keep things as simple as possible to achieve this, and the best way to do so is to hang your coffee mugs from hooks placed beneath the shelves of your kitchen cabinet.

This would give your kitchen a unique look and free up space on the counter.

13.  Use Shelf Riser

Use cutting boards for food prep, store canned goods in open shelving

What are you doing with your life if you are not aware of the shelf riser? Shelf riser comes to our rescue when we have not much space left.

Multi-tiered metal shelves riser divide the available cabinet space and add a shelf, making it easier to find what you need while also increasing the amount of available cabinet space for other things, such as extra storage.

The use of a shelf riser doubles the cabinet space. Installing and removing items is a breeze because you don’t have to overlay anything.

You won’t regret having it in your cabinets, I promise!

Top 10 Creative Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas!

At first, organizing your kitchen cabinets appears to be a difficult task. Still, once you get started, you’ll discover that you enjoy the process because it allows you to express your creativity to its fullest.

You can transform your kitchen’s cabinet space into a completely new and unique work environment by organizing it in various ways. As a bonus, I’ve come up with a list of ten creative solutions to managing kitchen cabinets for your perusal. The wasted space in your kitchen can be filled with these creative ideas.

1. Use Dish Racks To Organize Dishes

We all know this, and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that children enjoy eating and drinking from their personalized dishes and cups. It’s not just the food they want, but also the pottery they eat from.

Because kids are always hungry, mothers who don’t want to ruin their well-organized kitchen by giving their children their favorite crockery over and over again because they even want to drink water from their favorite color glass can use dish rack to arrange their children’s dishes in a neat and orderly manner on a kitchen counter side. To make it accessible and not to ruin the cabinet’s setup.

Its great idea to use cookie sheets and use top shelf to get more storage space

2. Use Drawer Dividers

Disorganization is evident in a cluttered drawer full of trash you don’t even need to keep but have been storing for years.

Cleaning out that drawer now is a good idea because you’ll discover a wealth of valuable items tucked away in there somewhere.

Use as many drawer dividers as you can in your cabinets to make your life easier by emptying the drawer. Cutlery such as forks and spoons, or even significant utensils, can be stored there, but a drawer divider will come in handy.

Great idea to use pot lids and dividers to get kitchen organized

3. Label Alike Zones And Label Each Item! 

You can help yourself remember where things go by grouping them and labeling them. Reading the label will be a breeze if you peer through the container. As a result, use the clear jar to store your items.

Creative thinking and a little ingenuity go a long way in kitchen organizing, which is all about making your work as simple as possible so that you can find the item you’re looking for without having to search for it.

Separately store zone wise and open shelves to decorate things

4. Hang Your Paper Towel On A Cabinets Door!

Secrets can be found everywhere, just like this one! We will present our kitchen neatly and cleanly to our guests, and they will never suspect the secret that lies behind it – sssshh!!! The fact that we have a paper towel attached to our cabinet door will be our little secret because no one will know about it until they open the cabinet door and see the paper towel hanging on the door.

Hang paper towel with door to save storage space

5. Tension Rods For Cleaning Liquids 

You can install a tension rod under your sink and hang all of your detergents, cleaning liquids, and sprays on it, which will help ease the tension of organizing your cleaning supplies or liquid.

The tension rod has enough room for all liquids to swing on it, and it takes up very little space.

Hang solution bottles after washing with warm water

6. Use Every Inch of Space In an Organized Manner.

Every square inch and every nook and cranny of the kitchen has played an important role in its overall organization. Why? Because the kitchen is a place where we can find all kinds of things, whether it’s pantry items, cooking tools and supplies, oils and cleaning products and detergents, spices, or pottery.

Fortunately, everything can be found in the kitchen, so there is a high chance our kitchen will appear on the verge of collapsing.

We must organize it so that it remains clean, and this can only be accomplished if we use our brains when designing our cabinets. We can customize our cabinets to use the remaining space to store something else, such as an oil bottle rack or a spice rack in a drawer, etc.

Use every inch of space including top shelf, inner cabinets, kitchen drawers and boxes for seasonal items

7. Organize With a Plate Rack

An attractive set of plate racks, like the ones shown in the photo below, is an idea of a well-kept kitchen. Your mother’s expensive serving platters will be better-protected use a plate rack to keep those plates.

A plate rack is an ideal solution to display your plates delicately while also saving space. As a bonus, plate racks can be easily installed into existing cabinet designs, so you won’t need to make any changes to your kitchen to install the rack.

Use every inch of space including top shelf, inner cabinets, kitchen drawers and boxes for seasonal items

8. Customize Cabinets Doors

If you’d like, you can have your cabinet doors customized. As you can see in the picture below, you can get an idea and customize the cabinet doors of your choice based on this unique idea.

Small bowls or salt and pepper shakers can be stored in this area. Use your creativity and the available space to its full potential.

Great post to organize kitchen

9. Create A Recycling Space

Check where the best location for a recycling area in your kitchen. Most people prefer to keep their trash cans under the sink, where it is easy and convenient to dispose of waste.

It’s also possible to make a recycling cabinet instead of installing a separate area under the sink so that you can keep your recycling bin organized and dispose of the trash with ease.

Create A Recycling Space using recycle bins and dust bins.

10. Use Wine Bottle Organizer & Wine Glass Rack

When decorating your kitchen counter or wall, consider adding a wine bottle organizer for some added flair! It’s a statement piece in the kitchen, as well as a Wine glass rack; they both are a luxurious and classic addition to your kitchen.

Instead of taking up counter space, a wine bottle organizer in your kitchen will allow you to display your collection of fine wines. The wine glass rack is the best way to keep your prized possessions out of harm’s way.

Use muffin tins, junk drawer, wine glasses in cabinet interiors

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the characteristics of an organized kitchen?

There are numerous advantages to having a well-organized kitchen, the first of which is that:

  1. It will be more spacious and more aesthetically pleasing than it was previously!

  2. From preparation to cooking to plating, having a well-organized work area can speed up the pace of each step.

  3. The kitchen is the focus of attention for your luxury home. So, make sure everything is well-organized in order!

  4. Everything is easily accessible.

What goes in a corner cabinet?

Ans: We’ve all undergone the confusion of storing things in kitchen corner cabinets; almost everything you could feasibly need to keep on hand can be stored in a kitchen corner cabinet, from cooking spice mixes to cutleries and even cooking gadgets.

Where should the Microwave be placed in the kitchen?

Ans: When it comes to placement, it can either be placed on your kitchen counter, or you can purchase a Microwave rack if you prefer to keep your kitchen counter free!

As far as how your Microwave should be set and how often it should be used, that’s up to you. However, everyone must remember that the Microwave must always be kept at least two feet away from the open fire.

How do you know where to put things when it comes to organizing your kitchen cabinets?

Ans: Because you work in your kitchen, you are the best person to answer this question because you know how frequently you use what and what is not in your use, which side of the counter feels easy to reach and which side does not! So, by examining your workflow and the way you work, you can determine where things should be placed in the kitchen cabinets. Choose what is convenient for you and what will make your work much easier than it was previously.

Conclusion – Wrap Up!

Make yourself a cup of hot tea in your new, much larger kitchen after you’ve finished all of your chores and completed your tasks.

Keep in mind that your work isn’t done here; if you think you don’t need to do anything else to keep your kitchen clean, then all of your efforts will be in vain.

As you completed all of the planning and work to maximize your kitchen’s available space, It is now your responsibility to ensure that it remains that way.

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