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Serving Clients Throughout the Cleveland Area

High Quality Countertops

Your countertops are important to the overall aesthetic of your home, but they’re more than just a stylistic choice. Everyone’s home and routine is different, so everyone’s needs when it comes to countertops are different as well! Fortunately, Cleveland Cabinets has plenty of different options to choose from. We carry a variety of materials and different stone finishes at affordable prices to fit every Cleveland kitchen and bathroom.

Are you ready to create your dream Cleveland kitchen, bathroom, or both?

 Visit any one of our showrooms and let us help! You deserve a space that fits you and your style perfectly, and Cleveland Cabinets can help you create one just for you.

Granite Countertops in Cleveland, Ohio

Granite might be one of the first materials you think of when you hear the word “countertops”. It’s one of the most common finishes for countertops for many reasons, including the beautiful variety of colors you can choose from when picking out granite countertops in Cleveland. Granite is also well-known for being durable. If you have kids or pets that spill things or scratch the counters, granite can take the impact most of the time without being damaged.

Marble Countertops in Cleveland

Marble is another great material for countertops due to its gorgeous patterns and classic vibe. It’s a natural stone surface formed by superheating limestone. While it may be formed by heat, it stays nice and cool so it’s good for cooking and preparing food. Its mesmerizing swirls and patterns lend beauty to your home and can increase property value if maintained properly.

Quartz Countertops in Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland Cabinets brings you the best quality Quartz Countertops where you can find a variety of beautiful patterns, designs, and colors to choose from. Sealing is never needed; it’s durable, non-absorbent, and lasts a lifetime.

Other Counter Surfaces

There are plenty of other counter surfaces for you to explore at Cleveland Cabinets, including quartzite, travertine, soapstone, and limestone. We would be happy to assist you at one of our Cleveland showrooms! Come on in and let’s figure out what countertops will work best for your Cleveland home.

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