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Trash Can Cabinet Pull-Out

When designing your dream kitchen, some homeowners have difficulty deciding what to do with their trash can. They may not want it in the kitchen but don’t want to store it outside either. The best solution is a cabinet with a pull-out for the trash can, so you never have to see or smell it inside your house! With these cabinets, you get all the benefits of storing your garbage without having to worry about finding room for another piece of furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions – Trash Can Pullouts

What are the benefits of a pull-out trash can cabinet?

The most obvious answer is that you can store your trash can inside of it. No more ugly trash bin sitting next to your stove or blocking your cabinets. Having the trash located inside the cabinet also keeps odors at bay. If you are anything like me, you will smell that garbage before anyone else!

Where do you place your pull-out trash cans in a functional kitchen design?

Typically most kitchen designers try to design layouts that have your waste container next to your sink base. This gives easy access while you are at your sink to dispose of the rubbish while working at your sink easily. Most daily routines revolve around your sink, so this is a great place to put your trash bins.

If you have a small kitchen, finding a spot next to the sink might be tough. Always think about the flow of your kitchen, where you think meal preparation occurs, where the trash will accumulate in your daily routine, and where the best area would be to hide trash in your perfect solution.

What should I look for when purchasing a trash can insert?

In terms of products, make sure to research and select a good quality trash can. You can choose from wooden trash can insert, something with a steel frame assembly, and most will come with plastic garbage cans. We have always had the best luck with quality on the heavy-duty wooden trash can inserts, and they are easy to assemble and install for most homeowners. Depending on the width and depth of your cabinet, you may be able to install a double trash can with recycling bins or even an area for kitchen trash bags.

Is it worth the price to buy this type of cabinet for your home?

Typically most trash storage cabinet inserts will cost around $200-300 for the actual trash cabinet insert and, and the pricing will vary depending on the brand and size. Most functional kitchen designers will try to create a design that will help organize the entire kitchen for the best bang.

What size trash can insert do I need for my cabinet?

When purchasing a trash can cabinet, you need to keep in mind only a few things in the trash can cabinet. Ensure that the cabinet is deep enough for your particular needs, and check the width to make sure it will fit your current kitchen design. You should also confirm that your new pull-out bin fits on top of existing cabinets before purchasing it.

When you are looking to purchase an add-on insert from a company like rev a shelf or hardware resources, you’ll need to make sure the cabinet opening fits the insert. If your insert needs 15″ of space, that will more than likely need to fit into an 18″ base cabinet. The frames on most cabinets are 1.5″ wide on each side, so an 18″ base cabinet will have an opening of 15″. Please confirm by measuring your cabinetry to ensure it fits nicely.

Trash can pull out cabinets. 13", 15", 18" and 24" cabinets.

Can you use trash can inserts for other items in your home or design?

Yes, you can. You can add inserts for various areas such as a bathroom, laundry rooms, and offices. Some homeowners even use them as a laundry hamper in their laundry room. You can also use these waste containers as a recycling bin instead of kitchen garbage if you recycle.

Trash Can Cabinet – Conclusion

Hiding your trash inside of a kitchen cabinet is a great way to keep the look and feel of your kitchen design high-end and uncluttered. When you are looking to design your kitchen at the beginning of your kitchen remodel or renovation, talk with your kitchen designer to try to find a way to incorporate this amazing cabinet accessory into your kitchen plans!

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