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Pet-Friendly Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Pet-friendly kitchen cabinet designs allow you and your pet to live harmoniously in the kitchen. Whether you want to invite your pet into the kitchen with you, help keep them safe, or want to perfect your feeding system, there are endless ways for you to make your kitchen more pet-friendly!

How to Make Your Kitchen More Pet-Friendly 

Having a more pet-friendly kitchen is helpful for both you and your beloved pets. Having your pet in the kitchen with you can be stressful because many pets like to be up close and personal, wandering at your feet or even jumping on the counters. By including elements like a feeding station or a comfy spot for them to lie down, your pets can be in the kitchen without being in the way.

Feeding Stations

Keeping a feeding station in the kitchen is a great idea for many reasons, but a slippery tile floor is a fall risk, and nobody wants to keep tripping over those food bowls on the ground everyday. 

A built-in pet feeding station is a great solution. Including a feeding station in your kitchen cabinet design gives just the right amount of space for food and water, so you won’t be tripping over bowls or slipping in spilled water. Feeding stations can be built into the end of your island or as a dedicated alcove under your cabinets, which is great for small spaces. You can even include space to hold food and treats in the design for easy access at feeding time. 


What better way to give your pet space in your kitchen than to give them a comfy spot to relax while you cook? Giving your pet a designated place within your kitchen cabinet design to lay will encourage them to relax there, rather than at your feet where you may trip over them. Pet beds can be included in the kitchen cabinet design under an island in an alcove, or at the end of your island or cabinetry. Either way, giving your pet a bed in the kitchen is a great way for you both to be comfortable in the kitchen. 

Upper Cabinet Cat Loft

We all know cats love to jump, but they can get in the way when they jump on your countertops. Give your cat somewhere worth jumping onto. When designing your next cabinet set up, leave space between your upper cabinets and your ceiling, and include steps or something to aid and encourage your cat to go to the top level. Then, put some of your cat’s favorite things up there so they will happily play on top of your upper cabinets, rather than on the counter. You can also have your kitchen cabinets designed with a ledge on the top surface so your cats will be safer in their loft playground.

Pet-Friendly Storage

Having storage in your kitchen for your pet’s food, treats and other items is a great way to make your kitchen more pet-friendly. Kitchen cabinets can be designed with drop downs or drawers so you can store everything your furry friend needs. You can also use waste bin pull-outs as a DIY option! 

Pet Gates

In some instances it may be safer for your pet to stay outside of the kitchen for their own wellbeing and safety. Pet gates can also help keep your pet in a safe space while you have guests over, ensuring that your pet is comfortable and has access to their food and water. Pet gates can be annoying, because they’re hard to put up and hard to maneuver around. A hidden pet gate built directly into your kitchen cabinet design can be an attractive and an easy-to-use option for your kitchen. Hidden pet gates slide out the side out of your cabinets when you need them, and easily slide back when it’s time for your pet to roam about. A small pocket can be designed directly into your lower cabinets, and can even look seamless when the gate slides back in.


Inviting your furry friends into the kitchen with you brings up the question of safety. How can we keep our pets safe from hazardous foods, cleaning supplies, and other kitchen hazards? 

Cabinet Safety

Kitchen cabinets designed with locking or latching mechanisms, and surfaces that are hard for pets to grasp, can help keep your pets out of cabinets they shouldn’t be in. Smooth edges on cabinet doors can decrease your pets ability to open them by limiting edges and corners for them to nudge. 

Another danger to pets in the kitchen are knives. Rather than storing knives in a countertop knife block, opt to store your knives in a secure drawer, or even a pull out cabinet that has a built-in knife block. Both a drawer and a pullout compartment can be secured with latching mechanisms to keep your pet from accessing any knives. 

Cabinet Guards

A great way to protect your kitchen cabinets is to include guards on the bottom edge of your lower cabinets. Guards will protect your wooden cabinets from scratching through the paint or stain. They can also help keep your pet safe from potentially sharp edges, depending on the material of the guard you use. Stainless steel looks great and will last a long time, but a rubber guard will protect your pet even more.

Want to Make Your Kitchen More Pet-Friendly with a Unique Cabinet Design?

Let Cleveland Cabinets help you find a pet-friendly kitchen solution. From cozy alcoves to organized feeding stations, Cleveland Cabinets is here to help you, and your pet, design the kitchen of your dreams. Visit our website or call (216) 459-7676 to get started today!

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