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Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets Organizers

As everyone’s go-to area for their favorite snacks and food, along with being the storage area for our cookware and appliances, the kitchen never seems to be in order. Since it houses endless boxes, cans, bags, and accessories, it can become crowded quickly and with no effort at all.

However, that’s about to change. Here, we’ve gathered all the essential kitchen cabinets and organizers to solve all your cooking and storing dilemmas. Now you can organize your walk-in pantry, store all your pots and pans, and have every little piece in place.

Corner Drawer

These cabinets have been designed to provide a creative and functional solution for kitchen corners. Unfortunately, though, the corner cabinet has held a bad reputation for years — due to the awkward space — it was often under-utilized and messy. Thankfully, innovations in recent designs have provided practical corner cabinets. Some corner cabinets now allow its entire space to be used through the means of a revolving shelf, so that you can get to those hard-to-reach areas. And because they are deeper than most other cabinets, you can pack a whole lot more storage inside.

Utensil Drawer

By far one of the most important cabinets needed in every kitchen, the utensil drawer does exactly what its name suggests — it keeps all the utensils for eating food. It is always the first drawer and belongs in a base cabinet that consists of shallow drawers, shelved cabinets, and deep drawers.

Under Sink Drawer

These are the deep cabinets you see under the sink and can seem bottomless at times. It does provide a separate space for things like cleaning supplies and other items that you usually wouldn’t put in drawers and other cabinets that are easily visible to guests.

Pull Out Cabinet

These serve the purpose of hiding away unattractive bins while freeing up the floor space. You can also customize it to have a side nook to store trash bags or air fresheners. Alternatively, you can also use it as a wine rack or storage space for spices.

Drawer Units

These are another essential part of any kitchen and have been used time and time again to organize everything — from pots and pans to table linen. For those who love to bake, this can serve as storage for cookie sheets, broiler pans, cooling racks, and muffin tins.

Appliance Cabinets

Anyone would want a clutter-free countertop, so because of this demand, appliance cabinets were made. In this, you can keep your toaster, blender, mixer, and more out of sight. Pullout shelves also work well with heavier appliances and having them all organized will free up space on the counter.

Tall Cabinets

Tall cabinets are a staple to every home kitchen and will typically reach the ceiling. They can serve plenty of purposes, from a broom closet for your vacuums and other cleaning equipment, to a laundry cabinet for storing your ironing board and drying rack. They are, however, very useful as a pantry to store all your dried goods.

Rolling Cabinet

This dual-purpose cabinet also acts as a storage space and counter, making it highly functional and accessible. And because it’s nice and compact, it can work as a bar cart or as a small kitchen island. Either way, a rolling cabinet is a useful addition to any kitchen.

Spice Storage

These will usually come in a handy pullout and cabinet design which allows you to store all sorts of herbs and spices. This functional storage space brings all you need to give flavor to your dishes within reach.

Open Shelves

Many homes also make use of this type of cabinet, as it provides easy access to all your beautiful dishes, decorative accessories, and even your stainless steel cookware. However, an obvious flaw in the design of these shelves is the dangers they may present in the kitchen, especially for children who try to reach for items on a high shelf.

While these are some of the most popular types that you’ll see in many homes, there are many other kinds of cabinets and organizers available for you to try in your kitchen. There are also endless different variations and you can even DIY some storage solutions to fit your exact needs. But for a really clean and smooth look, it’s best to leave the designing to the experts so you can get the most out of your kitchen space.

Looking for a New Design?

Cleveland Cabinets offers the finest, highest-quality cabinets at an affordable price. Our design team will work with you and your space to create the perfect kitchen of your dreams! Visit our website or call (216) 459-7676 today!

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