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How to Organize a Small Kitchen

Organizing a small kitchen can be a daunting task. If there is a lack of kitchen cabinet organizers, counter space and storage can be difficult to find. However, there are some ideal ways to organize a small kitchen that you may be overlooking. So, what are some of these different kitchen organization methods?

Using Affordable Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Your kitchen cabinets are where you keep all your plates, utensils, and late night snacks, but how do you keep these organized? Well, there are a couple of different kitchen cabinet organizers used within the cabinet industry that we would recommend.

Drawer Organizers

Create more organization with simple drawer organizers. These can be as simple as wooden walls or plastic holders to separate different types of utensils. These drawer organizers can be purchased at your local grocery store or convenience store. These are simple, effective and affordable kitchen cabinet organizing options for your cabinets. 

Plastic Containers

Another small kitchen organizing method is simple and clear plastic containers. This is an inexpensive system to allow for your kitchen to run more efficiently. Organize the containers by putting different spices or utensils in them. There are endless kitchen goods that could fit into these containers! After organizing and filling up the plastic holders, just place them in your cabinet and you are all set! Easy and fast kitchen cabinet organization!

Basic Cabinet Organization

Basic cabinet organization boils down to not having too much in your cabinet. Have your different shelving layers designed to hold a specific category of goods, such as perishables, non-perishables, soups and more!  But remember, with all this organization, be prepared to have a section for overflowing space in your cabinets. Nothing is worse than realizing you have nowhere to put your overflowing late night snacks!

Use All Your Small Kitchen Space

When trying to organize your limited kitchen space, make sure that you are using every bit of space. This includes all those narrow and hard-to-reach places. There are specialty designed cabinets that will up the ante on your stunningly beautiful kitchen. Fill those tough to reach places with easy and effective cabinet space.

Organizing a Small Kitchen’s Counter Space

Every great kitchen has beautiful storage features–from the appliances to the cabinets. However, one overlooked area for storage are the countertops. Move the kitchen cabinet organizers to the countertop because in a small kitchen, it can be more elegant to display your storage.

Countertop Storage

Your countertops are your work space. This is where all the magic happens in the kitchen and using visible storage can be beautiful and effective. Using simple glass bowls or other types of containers that match your kitchen’s aesthetic is a gorgeous way to liven up your counter space. Use these containers to hold sugars, spices, teas and other common household items. Do not be scared to add some beauty to your countertops today!

Create Shelving Space

If you are struggling to create storage horizontally, going vertical is a great option for you. Store different containers and appliances such microwaves, blenders and air fryers on elegant shelves, because sometimes it is better to show off all the great things you have sitting around your small kitchen.

Get Industry Leading Cabinets at Cleveland Cabinets

Looking to renovate your small kitchen for increased organization? Cleveland Cabinets can fill you in with stunning kitchen designs, cabinets, and much more kitchen necessities! Cleveland Cabinets is an industry leading kitchen service provider, specialized in getting you a customized dream kitchen. Call us today at (216) 459-7676 and get a free consultation and check out our services

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