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How To Childproof Your Kitchen – Design Tips For Families With Toddlers

Having a baby is one of the most incredible feelings globally, and all parents having babies consider themselves the most fortunate beings around the globe.  Despite this out-of-the-world feeling, caring for your baby and avoiding any accidents are quite tedious tasks. It is a matter of blinking your eyes and your baby suddenly moving from the rolling-over stage to the pulling-up stage. All of you would agree that baby milestones occur at an exponential rate.

The kitchen is the place that is often ignored while childproofing different places at your house. However, the kitchen is one of the scariest places that can create a havoc situation and hurt your child significantly.

Considering the significance of childproofing the kitchen, this article focuses on providing some easy tips for childproofing your kitchen designs and keeping your child safe.

Products That Shouldn’t Be Neglected While Childproofing

Kitchen remodel and lock cabinet doors for young kids

While childproofing your kitchen, there are some products, i.e., equipment and materials, that should be installed either within or near the kitchen to ensure your child’s safety.


1) Smoke Alarms

A smoke alarm refers to a device that detects smoke either within or near a kitchen. To ensure the smoke alarm’s best performance, it is necessary to install it at a proper place. It is recommended that the smoke detector should be installed 10 feet away from the kitchen to avoid false alarms. It should be mounted high across the ceilings or wall but not higher than 12 feet. Moreover, all family members must be familiarised with the sound of smoke alarms.

Busy family kitchen, augment existing cabinets and switch out toxic cleaners

2) Baby Gates

The baby gate is another effective way to avoid your child’s entrance within the kitchen. The baby gate is especially useful if your kitchen does not have any doors. You can easily order a baby gate for your kitchen by considering some of the best-sellers available on Amazon.

Child friendly height for entire family

3) Carbon Monoxide Detector

It is a device that detects the presence of CO within the kitchen that can cause severe health damages. The extent of damage depends upon the duration of exposure. It is recommended that it be installed 5-20 feet away from the stove or source of fire or smoke.

Carbon Monoxide Detector

4) Cabinet Cord Locks

The purpose of this lock is to close the kitchen cabinets and refrain your child from opening them easily. The Cabinet cord locks can be easily obtained via Amazon.

Excellent countertop solutions with accessible countertops, own food and kid friendly storage

5) Anti Burn Devices

The anti-burn devices can be anti-burn gloves or anti-burn mats. These devices help in avoiding burns. While childproofing your kitchen, it is recommended to place these devices at the forefront.


1) First Aid Box

Having a first aid box within your kitchen is one of the essential materials for ensuring a safe kitchen. In addition to having this box, you must also know to use these items. Your box must contain the following items:

  1. Gauze

  2. Medical tape/skin tape

  3. Band-aids of different sizes

  4. Burn ointment

  5. Cotton balls

  6. An antiseptic solution like  alcohol or hydrogen peroxide

  7. Antibiotic ointment

  8. Bandage

  9. Scissors

  10. Antihistamine medicine

sharp knives and First Aid Box

2) Anti-Slip Coating

The anti-slip coating is primarily responsible for offering safety that is very important for both young and old individuals. It is one of the best ways to make the kitchen floor resistant to slip. The coating is generally made of a mixture of acrylic, glass, or resin.

What Things In Kitchen Require Childproofing?

 Countertop surface with child friendly kitchen

For childproofing your kitchen, the most important things that you should consider include the following:

1. Cabinets & drawers

The lower cabinets and drawers are of prime concern while childproofing your kitchen. Therefore, you must either lock your cabinets or adopt handleless cabinets. Installing magnetic locks or cord locks is one of the best ways to keep children away from cabinets and drawers. Moreover, it would be best to always keep chilies or any other sharp equipment within upper cabinets.

2. Doors

You can also childproof your kitchen door by either installing a deadbolt or using a security chain. However, you must ensure that the deadbolt or chain should be fixed at the upper side of the door handle and should be out of children’s reach.

3. Stove

Stoves can be one of the most dangerous things within the kitchen. You can childproof your stove through following ways:

  1. Locking your ovens

  2. Removing the knobs of your stove

  3. Getting a stove guard

4. Faucet

Some toddlers love to open faucets and play with water. You can baby-proof your faucets through faucet covers and handle lock restraints. Moreover, making DIY baby-proof faucet handle restraint is another effective way to child-proof faucets.

5. Floor

The floor of the kitchen can also become a cause of serious accidents. You can baby-proof your kitchen’s floor through carpeting the floor or using rugs. And if you are planning to change the kitchen floor, then cork flooring is the best option.

6. Fridge

If your little one loves to open the fridge repeatedly, then it is necessary for baby-proofing your fridge as well. The easiest way to babyproof your fridge is by locking it.

When Your Kitchen Requires Childproofing?

Are you confused about when your kitchen requires childproofing? You need not worry. Installing relevant equipment within the kitchen and maintaining them once a year would be enough. However, there are some do’s and don’t about which you have to care for regularly. Here is the tip.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Kitchen Childproofing

Child friendly features , Do's And Don'ts

You must also consider following Dos and Don’ts during baby-proofing your kitchen.


  1. Keep a clean and organized kitchen.

  2. Keep the breakable items away from children’s reach

  3. Keep the kitchen clean

  4. Keep the harmful items and spices away from children’s reach

  5. Keep lighters and matches at high places

  6. Make the electric sockets out of children’s reach

  7. Keep the kitchen dry

  8. Keep stools and chairs away from the kitchen as they may help the children to reach far away things

  9. Always ensure to keep the direction of the pot’s handles inward before moving out of the kitchen

  10. You should relocate the food and medicines from lower cabinets

  11. Check your alarms regularly


  1. Never leave the kitchen when the stove is on

  2. Never leave the hot items or beverages on the shelves or unattended

  3. Never place knives or scissors on the lower shelves

  4. Do not leave the small items unattended

  5. Do not place any item near the edge of shelves

  6. Do not leave the trash cans open

  7. Do not  hang towels on the oven door

Some Other Tips For Childproofing Your Kitchen:

Some other tips for ensuring a childproofed kitchen are:

  1. Set Up An Enclosed Play Area For Your Child

It is suggested that you must define an enclosed and carpeted play area for your child. You must ensure that the play area is away from the oven or stove. This will enable your child to play while you are cooking food.

  1. Pay Special Attention While Cooking

It would be best if you always tried not to leave the kitchen while cooking food. You must pay special attention to the burning stove and clear the surroundings cautiously to avoid any accidents. If there is an urgent need to go out of the kitchen while cooking, you must turn the stove off before leaving and keep the hot items away.

  1. Attach The Freestanding Shelves To The Wall

If you have any freestanding shelves, you must either attach or screw them to the wall to avoid any accident.

  1. Be Mindful Of Trash Cans And Plastic Bags

The trash cans often attract children. Therefore, you must always cover them. Moreover, it would be best always to be mindful of plastic bags and never leave them on shelves since plastic bags may suffocate your child if they put them on their face.

  1. Unplug All Electrical Appliances

The plugged electrical appliances like microwave oven, toaster, sandwich maker, or blender can be dangerous for children since most toddlers enjoy pressing different buttons and love exploring these devices. Therefore, before leaving the kitchen, you must unplug all electrical appliances and keep them in a safe place.

  1. Baby Proof Dishwasher

The dishwasher offers immediate access to detergents, forks, breakables, and knives. Therefore, you should permanently close and latch the dishwasher before leaving the kitchen.

DIY Hacks For Childproofing Of Kitchen:

Some interesting DIY for childproofing the kitchen are:

  1. Close the electrical sockets and outlets through outlet covers/plugs

  2. Close the kitchen cabinets with cabinet door straps

  3. Cover the sharp edges and corners of kitchen furniture through corner guards

  4. Establish contained play areas for your child

  5. Secure the firearms safely

  6. Keep the dangerous items or chemicals away from children

Frequently Asked Questions:

When Should I Baby Proof My Kitchen?

The best time to start baby-proofing your kitchen is when your child has either started crawling or is about to start crawling.

How Much Will It Cost To Baby Proof My Kitchen? 

The cost depends upon the devices and methods used for baby proofing. If you barely use any product or device, then it will cost Rs3000-Rs 5000:

However, you must prioritize your child’s safety and install all required devices and equipment.

Should I Use A Professional Baby Proofer Instead Of Doing It Myself?

Yes, it is recommended that you consult a baby proofer for childproofing your kitchen as it will enable you to save both time and cost and get the most suitable product.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, childproofing your kitchen designs is necessary for ensuring your child’s safety. You must consider installing all relevant equipment and materials during childproofing your kitchen. Moreover, you should also know the do’s and don’t either while cooking within the kitchen or leaving the kitchen. Henceforth, following this guide will ensure you transform your kitchen from a scary to acceptable place for your child. However, childproofing can never replace a parent’s care, and you should always keep an eye on them to ensure their safety.

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