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How Much Does A Typical Bathroom Remodel Cost? – Cleveland, Ohio

The bathroom is the most significant place in your house as it is the room from where you both start and end your day. It is a specialized area within your house that is meant for relaxing and comforting. Therefore, no matter the size of your bathroom, its design, color, texture, fixtures, and organization play a pivotal role in making it a place of serenity.

Remodeling or renovating your bathroom was never as easy as it is today. Thanks to the wide availability of various products, a plethora of information on various platforms, and innovative remodeling contractors. You can remodel your bathroom by either giving a vibrant look through bold and deep-colored wallpapers or giving a spacious look via a light or white-colored wallpaper. The fixtures, tiles, and trendiness of bathroom suites and amenities are other ways that add peculiarities to your bathroom.

Are you confused about how to start remodeling or what will be the cost of remodeling your bathroom? Then here is a comprehensive guide for you that will answer all of your questions. Let’s get started.

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom? Here are some things to consider before you get started.

Bathroom Remodel Cleveland Ohio

Remodeling the bathroom is attributed to a variety of reasons. Some of you may remodel your bathroom as they consider the present design outdated, while others may remodel it as they are not happy or satisfied with it. Some of the prominent reasons for remodeling your bathroom or things that one must consider before remodeling a bathroom are as below:

1. For Improving The Bathroom’s Utility 

In some cases, the bathroom requires remodeling to enhance its utility. The bathroom’s utility can be enhanced by improving ventilation, adding more storage spaces, and double sinks for facilitating either guests or a spouse. Furthermore, you may want to increase the bathroom’s utility by creating a walk-in shower or adding a bidet.

2. For Installing Water Conservations Devices

You can also remodel your bathroom to improve water usage or conserve water resources. In this case, you may focus on installing water conservation devices. Common devices for conserving or optimizing water usage in bathrooms include low-flow toilets, low-flow showerheads, toilet tank bags, fill cycle diverters, toilet dye tests, aerators, and automatic shutoff nozzles.

3. For Improving Energy Efficiency 

Apart from conserving water, some other interesting things can be done to improve the energy efficiency of your bathroom. For example, installing CFL or LED lights will save electricity costs for your bathroom. Improving ventilation is another way of saving money against energy costs.

4. Fixing Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues within your bathroom can seriously influence the functionality of different areas. The most common plumbing issues within a bathroom can be clogs, worn washer bolts, worn flapper valves, condensation, loose connections, broken tanks, and clogging of sewer lines. Moreover, leakage within your bathroom wall can also be a possibility, and if that is the case, you have to tear the whole wall or floor to address the problem. This may provide a good chance for remodeling your bathroom as well.

5. For Enhancing Sustainability

Enhancing sustainability via conserving water resources and ensuring energy efficiency can be a prominent reason for remodeling your bathroom. This will enable you to save money and avoid strain on environmental resources.

Average Cost To Remodel A Small Bathroom In Cleveland, Ohio

Bathroom Remodel - Wood Vanity

The budget possesses primary significance for remodeling your bathroom due to the aforementioned reasons. This is because it significantly impacts all important decisions you make while remodeling your bathroom. Therefore, you must first define your budget before initiating bathroom remodeling. The average cost of bathroom remodeling in Cleveland, Ohio is as below:RangePriceNational Average$20,000Cleveland, Ohio Average$12,000Range$10,000 – $30,000

The given costs can be increased due to the following aspects:

  1. Increasing the square footage

  2. Enhancing the project scope

  3. Customized furnishings

  4. Moving water lines and drains

  5. Adding windows

  6. Employing high-end materials like marble

Cost Of Partial Bathroom Remodeling

Cleveland’s partial bathroom remodeling cost is estimated at around $4,550 (ranging from $2,450-$5,500). This type of remodeling may include replacing the vanity, toilet, repainting, and tile work.

Cost Of Full Bathroom Remodeling

The cost of full bathroom remodeling in Cleveland is estimated from $6,990 to $42,500. The cost may vary depending upon the size of your bathroom and the extent of remodeling. The full bathroom renovation may include remodeling everything like installing a new sink, toilet, shower, tub, light fixtures, tile, and outlets.

Factors Influencing The Cost Of Bathroom Remodeling 

The cost of remodeling your bathroom depends upon the features or attributes you want to replace and the size of your bathroom. Whenever you plan to remodel your bathroom, various factors can either enhance or reduce the cost of remodeling projects. Here are some factors that all of you must keep in mind while remodeling your bathroom.

The price of bathroom remodeling will increase when:

  1. Your bathroom is large

  2. You want to replace all features

  3. You need remodeling at the earliest

  4. You need a tile shower

  5. Your bathroom has both shower and tub

  6. Expensive products are used

  7. Premium products are used for countertop

  8. You want to replace the subfloor of your bathroom

  9. Your bathroom has a tankless water heater

 The price of bathroom remodeling will decrease when:

  1. Your bathroom is small

  2. You replace or update particular parts of your bathroom, like the sink, vanity, or toilet.

  3. You are not in a hurry and have ample time for remodeling your bathroom

  4. Do you prefer a prefabricated tub stall or shower

  5. You are reusing the fixtures

  6. You do not want to replace the subfloor

  7. Standard materials are employed like Laminate, vinyl flooring, and countertops.

  8. You are not moving any walls

  9. You are reusing vents and fans

Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator

The cost of remodeling a bathroom in Cleveland may range from $7,000-$43,000. The price factors include the size of the bathroom, quality of materials, quality of fixtures, labor rates, expanding or changing the layout, repairs, adding fixtures, and hiring remodeling contractors.

Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator, bathroom remodeling contractor

For your further guidance, here is the cost breakdown of bathroom remodeling in Cleveland

Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator and chart, redo bathroom floor

Type of fixtures required for bathroom remodeling:Fixtures


Material Cost

Labor Cost

Removal Cost

TotalBathtubsIt is used for taking a bath$400-$1,000$450-$550$50-$295$900-$1,845Counter TopsIt is used for placing various necessary items like shampoo, face wash, conditioner, toothbrushes, paste, and many other$100-$1,000$50-$145$5-$29$155-$1,174Lighting FixturesIts purpose is to provide adequate light within the washroom$49-$120$149-$220$5-$10$203-$350FlooringThe floor of the washroom$59-$129$349-$649$29-$595$437-$1,373ShowerIt is used for taking a shower$350-$449$350-$449$30-$49$730-$947SinkIt is used for washing your face and hands$100-$249$299-$350$10-$20$409-$619ToiletIt is used for doing toilet$100-$499$349-$449$10-$20$459-$968

Cost Of Bathroom Remodeling Based Upon Size 

The size of your bathroom is significant in determining the cost of bathroom remodeling. Forgiving you an idea about the average cost concerning the size of your bathroom is as below:

1. Small Bathroom Remodel Cost 

The average basic or small-sized bathroom remodeling cost in or near Cleveland is $7,000 to $16,000. Most of the owners spend $5,000 per 400 sq. ft or more to remodel a small bathroom. While using economical fixtures, basic upgrades, or DIY, the minor bathroom remodeling costs $2900-$3000 or less.

Small bathroom renovations

2. Medium Bathroom Remodel Cost

The average cost of medium-sized bathroom remodeling in or near Cleveland is $14,000 to $32,000.

Medium bathroom remodel process

3. Large/Master Remodel Cost

The average major or large bathroom remodeling cost in or near Cleveland is $19,000 to $43,000. The luxury remodeling of a main bathroom costs near $50,000 and constitutes expensive material, high-end fixtures, walk-in shower, freestanding bathtub, double vanity, lighting, flooring, and everything else.

Large/Master Remodel Cost, material costs, project costs and bathroom remodeler

Cost Of Bathroom Remodeling On Design Elements

The cost of remodeling a bathroom also depends upon some of the design elements that include:

1. Location  

The location of the bathroom is one of the most important factors determining the price of remodeling it. For example, the cost of remodeling a bathroom within a basement is different from a bathroom within the ground floor. In the case of the basement, you have to move the waste lines to a floor that raises the cost of concrete work to $65-$80 per hour, and plumbing costs around $40-$75 per hour or more. Moreover, you will also have to add the cost of leveling essential for installing the floor of your choice.

2. Structure 

Altering the bathroom structure is very expensive compared to remodeling a few features of the bathroom. It may constitute demolishing old walls and building new ones with new electrical work and plumbing. Some of the costs while altering  or expanding the space within the bathroom may include:

  1. Cost of electrical work = $50-$100 per hour

  2. Cost of plumbing = $45-$200 per hour

  3. Dary wall installation and walls framing = $3.50-$9per sq. ft

3. Design 

If you have more than one bathroom within your house, it is necessary to maintain coherence among design elements. You can hire either a designer or a remodeling contractor. In Cleveland, the average cost of professionals ranges from $120 to $275 per sq. ft.

Cost Of Remodeling based on Functions

Cost Of Remodeling On The Basis Of Functions per square foot

Planning of remodeling also depends upon the function of that area or room. The function of the room actually defines the type of finishes you want. For example, a kid’s bath possesses inexpensive fixtures while the master bathroom possesses high-end fixtures.

Similarly, remodeling a kid’s bathroom only involves changing the bathtub or renovating the surroundings to some extent. At the same time, your dream spa wants a walk-in shower with glass tiled, glass mosaic attributes, and multiple showerheads. However, the remodeling of a guest bath lies in between these two extremes. The remodeling cost based upon the functionalities are discussed below;

1. Powder Room Remodeling 

A powder room is the smallest kind of bathroom that is around 15-25 sq. feet, and guests usually use it. Generally, a powder room consists of a sink and a toilet and does not have a bathtub or shower. This simple setup occupying a minimal area can even be remodeled through DIY hacks. The cost of remodeling it through a DIY model is around $700. On the other hand, if you hire a professional to remodel your powder room, it will cost you $1,400.

2. Guest Bathroom Remodeling

The guest bathroom is a bathroom set aside for guests who stay for one or more nights. It can be either three quarters or a full bath. There are no distinct contemplations for remodeling this bathroom unless you have personal predilections or finishing picks. The average cost of remodeling a guest bathroom is around $150 per sq. ft.

3. Master Bathroom

The master bathroom is one of the most important parts of your house, especially from a selling point of view. The cost of remodeling a master bathroom can reach $250 per sq. ft or more. The high cost, in this case, is usually attributed to the large size of the bathroom. Moreover, the use of expensive materials and modern fixtures further increases the cost of remodeling this type of bathroom. The remodeling master bathroom may include but is not limited to moving walls, electrical work, engineering, plumbing, and architectural work.

4. Kids Bathroom

Kids’ bathrooms are usually focused on functions. You can remodel your kid’s bathroom even if you are out of pocket, as the average cost of remodeling this type of bathroom is around $100-150 per sq. ft. This cost is primarily attributed to functionalities instead of designing. However, one thing you must consider while remodeling your kid’s bathroom is to keep its design coherent with other bathrooms of your house.

Tools required for remodeling your bathroom

  1. Gloves

  2. Masks

  3. Googles

  4. Hammer

  5. Caulking gun

  6. Silicone sealant

  7. Spackle

  8. Spackle knife

  9. Tape measure

  10. Pry bar

  11. Power drill

  12. Extension cord

  13. Chalk line

  14. Flathead Screwdriver

  15. Adjustable wrench

  16. Bucket

  17. Chisel

Some additional tools include;

  1. Cordless drill

  2. wet-dry-shop-vac

Process To Remodel Your Bathroom

Process To Remodel Your Bathroom and plumbing fixtures

If you plan to remodel your bathroom either partially or fully, you must know the entire process. Some of the important steps for remodeling a bathroom in case of both DIY or hiring a remodeler include

1. Removing Bathroom Fixtures

The process of remodeling a bathroom starts with removing bathroom fixtures. Firstly there is a need to shut off the water and remove the toilet to avoid unpleasant smells and spills. After this, cover your bathtub and remove the bath tiles below the studs. This is essential for re-plumbing your new shower and bathtub. Then eliminate the insulations from the bathroom’s wall, and a hammer should not be used while removing insulations. In the final step of removing bathroom fixtures, eliminate the cabinets, vanity, mirrors, floor, and any other feature you want to change or replace.

2. Installing New Shower Or Tub

For installing a tub and shower, you will have to select a basin or pan first, and its selection must be made by considering the other features of the bathroom. The second step is to install new fixtures. If the subfloor shows signs of rotting wood or water damage, it should be replaced before installing a new shower or tub.

3. Laying The New Floor

The next step is laying the new floor. You can consider other materials for flooring your bathroom apart from tiles like vinyl and laminate. These materials are not only trendy but also affordable.

4. Hanging Drywall And Starting Paint

Hanging new drywall is the next step. This step is a little time-consuming as, during this step, the new drywall is cut to fit it around your shower walls, vanity, and other features of the bathroom.

5. Installing Cabinets

After walls, the next step is to install a vanity, cabinets, and other major products with a little renovation within your bathroom. It is recommended to install the sink and faucet first and then install other essential features.

6. Adding Lighting

The adequate lighting can give an auspicious look to your bathroom. This step involves configuring electrical fixtures and installing new lights.

7. Hooking Up The Plumbing

At this stage, your bathroom consists of everything except for the toilet. This step involves installing a new toilet, and the rationale behind doing it in the last is to evade chipping while working within the bathroom.

8. Finishing Touches

The final stage involves giving a finishing look to the bathroom with a trim. The window treatments, pictures across the walls, and decorative storage boxes are other ways to give finishing touches to your bathroom.

Once it is done, then enjoy bathing in a new space full of serenity.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathrooms are meant for retreating oneself irrespective of their size. For example, you can plunge into the charms of a small bathroom by adding bright wallpapers or enjoy the serenity of a spacious bathroom with white wallpapers. Here are some interesting and trending ideas for remodeling your bathroom:

1. Black Fixtures  

The matte black fixtures are seen replacing the brass fixtures within the bathroom. These fixtures give a new vibrant, and matte look to the whole bathroom. And they are equally suitable for any size of bathroom

Black Fixtures plumbing pipes

2. Audacious Wallpapers 

The bold and vibrant wallpapers are becoming increasingly popular among bathroom designs. The wallpapers give a unique and new look to the bathroom. The bold colors give deep energy to the whole space and allow you to remodel your bathroom uniquely. You can further enhance the beauty of wallpapers by stylizing the other amenities like candles, handle towels, and lotions.

Audacious Wallpapers and custom cabinetry

3. Bathroom Complementarities 

The complementarities are another important feature that completely transforms the whole bathroom. The goldtone matt fixtures give a boho look that seems nice with both modern and traditional aesthetics.

Bathroom Complementarities and national average cost

4. Spa Looks 

The increasing individualism has enhanced the quest for serenity and calmness. And the majority of people stylized their different parts of the house to enjoy utmost calmness and tranquility. This is why Spa looks within the bathroom are becoming widely popular. This look is characterized with simplicity and ensures to provide a place of relief.

Characterized with simplicity and complete tear out

5. Organic Constituents

Natural and organic elements are also becoming famous among bathroom designs. Since these elements are also considered a source of peace and tranquillity by bringing natural beauty inside the bathroom.

Organic Constituents in home improvement

Top Five Bathroom Remodeling Contractors In Cleveland

Anyone thinking about remodeling your bathroom while living in Cleveland need not worry. A remodeling contractor is the one that is hired for remodeling or renovating either the entire house or some parts of the house. Here is the list of the top five bathroom remodel contractors.

Jacuzzi bathrooms

  1. Satisfaction rating= 4 stars

  2. Ensures bathroom updates can be done within a day

  3. Offers little threshold options

  4. Provides antimicrobial sheet

  5. Ensures lifetime guarantee

Bath planet

  1. Satisfaction rating= 4 stars

  2. Offers new bathtubs, bath replacements, wall surrounds, and liners

  3. Provide the option of one-day renovation

  4. It helps you to design your dream bathroom

  5. Decent housekeeping

Luxury Bath Technologies

  1. Satisfaction rating=4 stars

  2. Possess 25 years of experience

  3. Offers maintenance-free and durable fixtures

  4. Provides one-day remodeling options

  5. Financing plans of 60 months

  6. Provides free design consultation

Bath Fitter

  1. Satisfaction rating= 4 stars

  2. Provides acrylic shower liners and bathtub liners

  3. Offers one-piece wall system

  4. Possess thirty years of experience in bathroom remodeling

  5. Provides shower remodeling products


  1. Satisfaction rating = 4 stars

  2. 1-5 days bathroom installation

  3. Free consultation services

  4. Provides tub liners and shower conversions

Is Bathroom Remodeling Possible Through Diy?

There is good news for those who are running out of pocket and want to remodel their bathroom. All of such people can remodel their bathrooms through DIY projects. Here are some simple tips:

  1. Update the wall by smoothing the old texture and installing the batten and board. Afterward, paint the wall and install new wallpaper

  2. Maximize the mirror and mount it professionally

  3. Customize the vanity by updating the faces of cabinets, placing a faux marble countertop, and updating the hardware of the vanity

  4. Retiling the surroundings of the tub shower. You may hire a professional for doing this step as it is not an easy task for all of you.

  5. Update the lighting with trendy and modern lights

  6. Update the fixtures like faucets, wall hooks, and dispenser

  7. Give a unique touch through artwork.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs) 

How Long Does A Bathroom Remodel Take?

The time depends upon whether you are doing a partial or full bathroom remodeling. The full bathroom remodel is 2-4 weeks. While the partial bathroom remodel takes 5-14 days.

Should I Remodel My Bathroom All At Once Or In Stages?

It is recommended to remodel your bathroom all at once instead of doing it in stages as it is a more cost and time-effective option.

How To Find A Trusted And Reliable Remodeling Contractor?

Finding a reliable and trusted remodeling contractor is not an easy task. You can find one by following these tips:

  1. 1. Personal referrals

  2. 2. Checking online reviews

  3. 3. Discussing your needs and requirements

  4. 4. Getting quotations from the top modelers

How Should I Prepare My Home For Bathroom Remodeling?

It is a good practice to prepare your home before remodeling a bathroom. You can do this via:

  1. 1. Clear all loose items

  2. 2. Declutter the hallway to the bathroom

  3. 3. Cover the furniture in or near the bathroom

Conclusion – Final Thoughts!

The bathroom is one of the most important places within your house. The cleanliness and effective management of this place reflect the habits and traditions of homeowners. Bathroom remodeling transforms your bathroom into a place of relief and serenity and adds value to your house.

Anyone of you bored of their outdated bathroom style, and design can easily remodel their bathrooms with the help of this guide. Then what are you waiting for? Get started and enjoy the new look of your bathroom by following this guide.

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