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Fantasy Brown Granite – Beautiful Natural Stone Countertops

Fantasy Brown Granite is quite a unique piece of natural stone. This gorgeous stone goes by many names such as Canyon Dawn, Brown Fantasy Granite, Fantasy Brown Marble, Fantasy Brown Dolomite, Fantasy Brown Quartzite. This igneous stone is rich in history and prestige. The desirable color of Fantasy Brown Granite gives it a unique allure that is unmatched by any other material on the market today. When polished, it takes on an incredible shine and luster, which can’t be matched! This beautiful natural stone comes in dramatic patterns and features that leave many people in awe of its beauty.

Fantasy Brown is very popular for a lot of reasons. This unique stone comes in various colors and densities, which is why it is often characterized differently. This beautiful stone can be found as Granite, Marble, Quartzite, and Dolomite. It all depends on which quarry the stone was mined out of and how hard the material is. No other stone in the world has such unique differences, making these natural stone countertops popular for many kitchens remodels and home renovation projects.

Frequently Asked Questions – Fantasy Brown Granite:

What level granite is Fantasy Brown?

Fantasy Brown Granite is typically a Level 1 or Level 2 natural stone, and the stone varies so much between color, origin, and hardness, making the price fluctuate. Most Fantasy Brown countertops will range from $60-75 per square foot installed. This price will also vary depending on which part of the country you are from, the beauty of that particular lot of slabs, and the supply chain at the given moment when you are purchasing your countertops.

Is Fantasy Brown more expensive than granite?

It all depends on what type of granite you are comparing it to and what slab yards you visit and purchase the stone from. Fantasy Brown can range anywhere from $60-75 per square foot installed, and that price point will put it higher than a stone than Uba Tuba Granite, Luna Pearl Granite, or Santa Cecilia Granite. Compared to some exotic granites such as White Ice Granite, Blue Pearl Granite, or Bianco Antico Granite that cost $100+ per square foot, Fantasy Brown countertops are a steal in terms of pricing and quality.

Is Fantasy Brown a good choice for the kitchen?

Fantasy Brown Countertops are an excellent option for kitchen countertops, and they are a very durable stone that is also very budget-friendly. It is one of the better soft quartzite natural stones you can use for kitchen countertops. They are probably the hardest marble stones on the market, making them very popular for customers who want a marble look, but don’t want the soft etching characteristics of most white marble products. Fantasy Brown is also a very neutral countertop that looks amazing with white cabinets, wood cabinets, and a variety of different natural wood tones.

Is Fantasy Brown granite still popular?

Fantasy Brown has been one of the most popular natural stone options in our showroom and a popular choice at the slab yards. It is one of the most popular selections for a kitchen remodel in 2021. It is rare for a stone to have such long-staying power in terms of continuous selection popularity throughout the years, but Fantasy Brown does. Many kitchen designers use Fantasy Brown as an option for clients to select during the kitchen design process.

Does Fantasy Brown Granite have gray in it?

Fantasy Brown comes in a variety of different colors and styles. Most slabs will have smooth diagonal lines of grey and white with swirls of brown, sometimes green, and cream coloring. There are so many variations in this stone. If you visit different fabricators, each place will have slabs that look different and have different colors in them. Often, these stone wholesalers will have other lots of Fantasy Brown Granite on their floors that will look vastly different and be priced differently.

Is Fantasy Brown a marble or granite?

Technically, Fantasy Brown is classified as a marble. Fantasy Brown, which is quarried in Northern India, is so dense and hard that it is very close to being considered granite and has many of the same characteristics of granite. It is difficult to use a granite blade to cut this as a marble blade wouldn’t be able to cut through it. When selecting it as a countertop option for a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you can be safe to know that most slabs are not soft enough to etch. If you have a concern, most slabs will have a hardness report which will let you know the hardness and quality of each slab available.

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