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Best Discount Kitchen Cabinets in Cleveland, Ohio

If you are looking for discounted kitchen cabinets in Cleveland, Ohio, look no further than Cleveland Cabinets. We have been providing high-quality cabinet products at affordable prices to the residents of Ohio since 2015. Whether your home is old or new, we have a wide selection of styles and colors that will fit the needs of every customer. Visit our showroom today and see why we are the top-rated cabinet company in all of Ohio!

Prices 50% off The Big Box Stores

Our pricing is roughly 50% off what you will find with Home Depot Kitchen Cabinets and Lowe’s Kitchen Cabinets. There is no reason to pay more for a kitchen that you can get at half the price. This is not a sale price; we provide kitchen cabinet discounts and wholesale cabinet prices every day! It is our goal to save you money and provide you with the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen Design Showroom

We have a beautiful showroom in Fairview Park, Ohio, where you can meet our kitchen design team and discuss in detail your dream kitchen. We walk every customer through all cabinetry options and help find the perfect design and quality to fit your budget.

Quality Cabinet Construction

There are different cabinet construction options to choose from based on the design, budget, and quality you are looking to achieve. Most cabinets come with all plywood boxes, soft closing doors, soft-closing drawer glides, and all-wood cabinet doors. You don’t have to sacrifice quality to save money with discount cabinets. We do not sell cabinets with particle board or substandard materials. All cabinet lines that we carry have various products that still fit any budget and style.

Professional Kitchen Measurements

Our expert kitchen designers will measure your kitchen in detail and provide you with amazing kitchen designs. We make sure that all base cabinets, wall cabinets, and everything ordered will fit as planned.

Professional Installation

Cleveland Cabinets offers professional cabinet installation and service with all cabinet orders. We provide you with the option of having us do the installation, or you can have your contractor take care of it as well.

No Assembly Required (Not RTA Cabinets)

Many discount kitchen cabinet companies will save you money by making you assemble the cabinets yourself. This is called ready to assemble cabinets or RTA cabinets. We do not make our customers assemble cabinets themselves; we will do it for you. We believe in high-quality customer service and will make sure your experience is great.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

If you have room in your budget for semi-custom cabinets, we do have plenty of options. There are many different styles, designs, and color options to choose from if there is money left to spend. While these aren’t considered discount kitchen cabinets, they provide a perfect price point to create your dream kitchen.

If you are looking for discount kitchen cabinets, we would love for you to stop into our showroom and chat with our design team. Please give us a call at 216.459.7676

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