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Cabinets for Every Area of the House

Cabinetry for your home isn’t only for your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets are often used for dishware, utensils, and food, but you may find cabinets in your basement, garage, or even outside your home. Cabinets can be designed and purposed for just about anything in any room of your house. So what other areas of your house might you include cabinets in?

Bathroom Cabinets

Other than the kitchen, another common area to find cabinets in your home is the bathroom. You can often find a medicine cabinet where most people will keep their medications or grooming supplies, but cabinets may also be built beneath sinks for extra storage. Some bathrooms may incorporate hanging cabinets to store toiletries and other essentials as well. 

Outdoor Cabinets

Outdoor cabinets have become quite popular as well. Hanging cabinets above your grill or outdoor cooking area can serve as outdoor kitchen cabinets to keep utensils and dishes, or perhaps even spices as well. Additionally, cabinets outdoors can be used to store gardening tools and other equipment so that they are safely packed away and organized. There are plenty of cabinet organizers and cabinet hardware that can change the storage and design of your cabinet to fit any need.

Garage Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets shouldn’t be the only focus for your home. Cabinets provide extra organization and storage while also looking stylish without taking up too much space. That being said, cabinets in your garage can help save space in an area that might already be cluttered and overwhelmed. Keeping tools, spare parts, kids’ toys, seasonal decorations, and more up and out of the way will give more room for vehicles or space to work, if you have a workbench in your garage. 

Bedroom Cabinets

Cabinets in the bedroom may sound a little awkward compared to kitchen cabinets, but cabinets in the bedroom have become popular in recent years. Using cabinets as a headboard for your master bedroom provides some stylish storage for things you want to hide in them, as well as displaying things like pictures or awards on top. Incorporating tall or long shelves in other parts of the bedroom can be a unique alternative for dresser drawers. 

Family/Living Room

When you think of cabinets, you may initially think of kitchen cabinets, but cabinets don’t have to be restricted to just the kitchen. Consider adding cabinets to your family or living room in the place of a TV or entertainment stand. Whether you have cabinets sitting on the floor or built hanging on the wall, this is a great place to set your television while also adding in more space and storage. These cabinets can then be used to store different media players or entertainment systems, as well as movie or game collections. Keep your extra items that aren’t used as much, such as family photo albums, in cabinets where they are stored away but still close to heart. 

Laundry Room

Cabinets are very useful in any laundry room. Having cabinets right above or right next to your washing machine and dryer can provide extra convenience during your chores. Having laundry detergent, dryer sheets, bleach and other cleaning supplies close by but stored away creates a helpful, and safe for pets and children, space. Additionally, keeping extra towels, sheets, or blankets in your laundry room cabinets will make it easier to grab and replace when bringing down dirty laundry. 

Find Your Style at Cleveland Cabinets

Cleveland Cabinets serves the Greater Cleveland area more than just kitchen cabinets. We help you create unique design plans when you visit our showroom, while picking out cabinets to match your situation. Our bathroom and kitchen cabinets are built with high-quality materials and craftsmanship for the best cabinets in the area. Visit our website or call (216) 459-7676 today for more information!

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