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Top 10 Kitchen Trends Today

In the past year, the kitchen has become somewhat of a sanctuary to some people and a shift in priorities has occurred. Today’s kitchens are both beautiful and functional. People are paying more attention to the functionality of their kitchen and cabinet design and making it work to simplify their life while maintaining a stunning visual environment.

1. Beautiful Organization

Function meets beauty, as visually pleasing organization grows in popularity. With books and shows such as The Home Edit, and a craving for better organization overall, things like tidy, clear containers are the stars of kitchen organization. Ditch the store packaging and show off your pantry goods with functional containers that let you know exactly how much you have of each product. Even refrigerator goods can be neatly organized into clear containers that can help reduce waste in your home all while making it easier to find your favorite snacks. 

2. Statement Light Fixtures 

Beyond their function, lighting fixtures have become something of grandeur and beauty. Hanging over the island or mounted on the walls, unique light fixtures are a beautiful and simple way to upgrade your kitchen. The right lighting fixture can tie a room together and cast the light in curious directions that can attract the eye. 

The best thing about this trend is the accessibility. DIY lighting fixtures can quickly upgrade a small space, and bespoke pieces are begging to be your newest conversation starter. From simple and rustic designs, to shining copper rings, there is no limit to the variety this trend offers.

3. Open Shelving 

Kitchen cabinet design has taken a turn away from upper cabinetry and is starting to include open shelves instead. These open shelves allow necessities in the kitchen, like plates and bowls, to become a decoration of their own, relying on the lower cabinets for the bulk of their items and the less aesthetically pleasing pieces. Open shelves can also make a small kitchen space feel more open, making it a more inviting space.

4. Hidden Appliances

Kitchen cabinet design has surpassed just cabinets and has grown to include appliances as well. Integrating large appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and even stoves, directly into the cabinetry is a seamless way to keep your kitchen looking comfortable. The sterile look of stainless steel appliances can take away from the beauty of your kitchen cabinets and your kitchen as a whole. By integrating appliances directly into the cabinet design, you no longer see an unattractive appliance, but a seamless continuation of the cabinets. 

Even small appliances such as toasters and coffee pots can be stowed away in drawers or behind cabinet doors that open for easy access to use the appliances without having to move them.  

5. Timeless Pieces

The move towards functional beauty has brought about a move towards more timeless inclusions that will simply never go out of style. This trend actually relies on turning away from anything too trendy. Kitchen cabinet designs such as dark wood under cabinets with finishes that feel lived in and usable are sure to be a go-to. The timeless look of quartz and marble countertops ensure that you’ll never get tired of your kitchen or feel like you’re falling behind the trends. Good quality pieces that are meant to stand the test of time will keep your kitchen feeling up-to-date no matter how you play it.

6. Kitchen Cabinet Designs with Metallic Finishes 

Faucets and cabinet hardware are becoming a part of the kitchen design as well. Brushed copper, bronze or gold fixtures can be tied in with the most rustic or modern kitchen, and bring a sense of luxury into the space. Small details, like cabinet handles, or large statement pieces, like golden sinks and faucets, make it easy to customize this trend to your kitchen and your tastes. It’s hard to go wrong when adding a touch of metallic accents to your kitchen, and the results are always stunning. 

7. All Out Tiles

Tile is no longer limited to your backsplash, and is actually a practical choice for your kitchen. Tile walls are easy to keep clean, in case of kitchen mishaps, and give your space a clean look without being unwelcoming. Tile design can be as simple as subway tiles, or as ornate as you can imagine, and is guaranteed to keep your kitchen trendy.

8. Bringing Color Back Into the Kitchen 

Gone are the all white kitchens of years past, as people are starting to bring colors back into their kitchens.  Warm

and inviting colors make the kitchen feel more homey and less sterile and impersonal. Whether in splashes of color, smartly placed décor, or full vibrant kitchens, bringing color back into the kitchen is a fun way to brighten the area and make it a more comfortable space in your home.

9. One-of-a-Kind Designs

More than anything, the modern kitchen is unique. Design elements are meant to reflect those who live in the home, and be comforting and pleasing to them. Customizable trends allow for creativity and personal taste to take the stage, and including personal elements is the best way to do so. No one-size-fits-all kitchen can compete with a unique masterpiece created just for you. 

10. Making the Kitchen the Center of Your Home 

More than ever, your kitchen is an integral part of your home. Kitchens are about more than just cooking and eating. They are about spending time with your family and friends. Your kitchen should feel like a part of your home, just as comfortable as any other room, and even more comfortable for entertaining guests. A welcoming kitchen invites conversation and can be a focal point for parties and dinners. 

Looking for a Fresh Kitchen Cabinet Design? 

Let Cleveland Cabinets design your kitchen today! With services for your kitchen, cabinet designs and installations, and countertop installation, Cleveland Cabinets is here to make your kitchen dreams come true. Visit our website or call (216) 459-7676 to get started today!

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