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Laundry Room Remodeling Ideas: Improve Functionality, Design, or Storage!

The first thing to consider is the functionality of your laundry room. Do you need more storage in the closet or cabinets? Would you prefer a fold-down ironing board for convenience or space savings? Is it time to change out that old washing machine for a new energy-efficient model? These are all considerations when tackling the remodeling process.

As the laundry room becomes a more important part of your home, it’s time to remodel. With so many choices, where do you start? We’ve put together some ideas for how to make your laundry room work better for you and your family!

How to organize your laundry room:

To start designing an organized and practical laundry room, we will cover three main areas: organization systems, design features, and laundry machine upgrades.

Organization Systems:

For a well-organized room, start by determining how to organize the space best and what you need as far as shelving, baskets, or drawers go.

Once you’ve figured out the organization, create a list of what items need to be stored. It’s important that all laundry equipment is within easy reach and there are no gaps or wasted space in your room.

Design Features:

If your cabinets are organized with exactly what you need, then now it is time to focus on design features like wall art or window treatments for added flair! The more personal touches, the better!

Laundry Machine Upgrades:

When considering this last area keep in mind; most families have one washer and dryer while some require two. You also may need to consider your energy efficiency or if you want a stackable option.

5 Amazing Laundry Room After Remodeling:

The first thing to consider when tackling this project is how functional your current laundry room is.

The laundry room after the remodeling will now be a more functional and attractive space in your home. You’ll have plenty of storage with the right organization system for both small or large loads, design features that reflect your tastes, and an upgraded energy-efficient machine to make sure you’re not wasting any water!

1. The before and after: Fresh Forest Green Paint

The before and after of the laundry room is fresh forest green paint on the walls, a new cabinet storage system for everything you need in one place, and an upgraded energy-efficient machine to make sure nothing goes down the drain.  The best part is that your closet is organized with exactly what you need. It will save time and frustration when doing your laundry!

Before Remodeling 

After Remodeling:

2. The before and after: Pretty in Pink

Do you want to know how to make your laundry room more functional and stylish? We’ve got the answer! The Pink Laundry Room After Remodeling is a perfect example of how we can turn an outdated, cluttered space into a clean, organized area. What better way to make your laundry area more inviting than a touch of color? Plus, this bright hue will help keep dirt from sticking.

Choosing colors, you love when painting your new space is important because they will only get brighter during wash cycles! We offer many different services to suit your needs. From flooring installation to drywall repair, we have the expertise and tools for any job.

Before Remodeling:

After Remodeling:

3. The before and after: Exterior Porch Converted to Laundry Room

Do you need more space for your clothes? A converted porch can be a great solution! The Exterior Porch Converted to Laundry Room After Remodeling is an example of how we took wasted outdoor living area and made it into the usable indoor square footage.

If this project sounds like the perfect fit for you, then get started today by gathering all old laundry equipment so we can make sure everything fits in one room. We have many years of experience when it comes to remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, or any other area in your home – just let us know what’s on your wish list!

Before Remodeling:

After Remodeling:

4. Before and After – Space Planning and Painting

Painting a laundry room is one of the best ways to make it feel new and fresh. It’s also an easy way to update the look of your home without spending too much money. You’ll get a custom design plan that includes paint colors, furniture layouts, and more. Your new laundry room will be so much better than before – it will be perfect for any occasion or mood.

We’ve got a solution for you! Ith our before and after pictures. Check out the photos below and see what it would be like if y With our before and after pictures, we can show you how to transform your space into something beautiful. You hired us to do the work for you.

5. Before and After – Crisp White and Navy Blue

This laundry room project is a perfect example of how we can give your space the update you’ve been looking for. From painting to new appliances, this newly renovated space will be functional and fashionable in every sense of the word.

We replaced dingy cabinetry with sleek modern cabinets and installed a brand-new machine for energy efficiency. New lighting, plumbing fixtures, flooring materials – everything was redesigned from top to bottom. A fresh coat of crisp white paint on all surfaces with navy blue accents creates an attractive backdrop that makes it easy to care about clean clothes! This before and after transformation doesn’t just look good – it works well and functions beautifully.

Before Remodeling

After Remodeling: 

17 Creative Laundry Room Design Ideas: Appealing And Efficient

If you want to create a space that’s functional, inspiring, and, most importantly, clean, there are plenty of laundry room design ideas out there for you. Check out this list of 17 creative laundry room designs.

1. Add a Rug to the Floor:

Adding a rug to the floor and hanging up drying racks are two simple ways of making your laundry space more inviting. A small area rug provides warmth, comfort, and color that will make you feel at home. Plus, it’s easy to clean if there is any spillage – throw it in the washing machine!

If you do not have enough storage for your laundry equipment, consider adding hanging drying racks. These come in a wide range of sizes and designs that are easy to hang on the wall. They also provide an opportunity to show off some personal flair through painting or displaying photos or artwork.

2. Hang Clothes on a Drying Rack:

Hanging up a wall-mounted drying rack is the perfect solution if you want to dry clothes without having them take over your laundry room. This saves both space and time because all of your clothing will be on one handy wire system!

A wall-mounted drying rack can also cleverly be used to store baskets or boxes that you use for laundry storage while providing an aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Shelves and cabinets will make your laundry space seem more organized. Plus, it’s a great way to store things like detergent, bleach, or cleaning products – all the items you need for doing some spring cleaning! 3. Create an Organized Space with Shelves and Cabinets: if you need more storage but want to keep the space clutter-free, get a shelving system with glass doors that give an illusion of openness.

4. Add a Dresser:

Plenty of homeowners already have one in their bedroom! Why not add a dresser to your laundry room? By adding compartments and pretty knickknacks, you can also turn it into part of your interior design!

5. Rearrange your washer and dryer:

Taking a few steps can save you a lot of time and energy! Rearranging your washers and dryers can help make them feel brand new – plus, it’s one of the best ways to clean while still keeping busy. 

It is recommended that you wash heavy items first to drip-dry overnight while other items are being washed or dried. This will give you more time to catch up on the housework and less time spent doing laundry. Arranging the washer and dryer in a triangle shape will also give you more room to move around.

6. Hang up Baskets:

A hanging basket can be used to organize when folded clothes aren’t occupying all of your floor space. Add in some cute accessories like flowers, candles, or pictures – anything that will make this area feel more inviting and homey!

7. Get Creative with Color Combinations: 

Add different colored hangers together for a fun pop of style and variety when hanging up clothes. If white isn’t really your thing, paint the walls and cabinets in a color that will make you happy!

8. Install New Appliances:

New machines for energy efficiency are both easy on the eye and good for the planet – what’s not to love? Add some decorative lighting fixtures to really spice up this area of your home! Add New Appliances in Your Laundry room like a new sink, washer, dryer, cabinets, etc.

9. Install Display Units:

If you want a clean look without having any clothes lying around, installing a couple of display units may be the answer. Putting all those bulky hangers into one neat little unit means they’re out of sight but still close by when needed!

10. Add a Window to the Room for Natural Light:

Natural lighting is one of the key elements in any well-designed space. A window will help make this laundry area seem larger and brighter, so you’ll enjoy being here more often! When it comes time to clean up, roll up those rugs and scrub that floor – with windows on all sides, you can get as much or as little sunlight as you like.

11. Install a Small Table with Chairs:

A small table with chairs in the corner can be a great addition to your Laundry room. It’s an ideal place for folding laundry, homework, or just sitting and enjoying some quiet time. The best part is that it takes up very little space, so you won’t have to worry about it taking over your whole home!

12. Make Use of Wall Space:

You can create a completely different look and feel by simply using the walls to hang your clothes. It’s an easy solution that will have you running back to the laundry room every time!

13. Add a roll-out drawer for storing detergent:

A roll-out tray is great for storing other laundry essentials like detergent, bleach, or stain remover – it saves space and makes everything within reach. This idea also has added storage benefits because it keeps items stored in drawers from getting dusty or dirty over time.

14. Add a Sink:

If you want your laundry room to feel like part of your home, a small sink can be the missing piece of the puzzle. It’s an easy way to make sure any dirty items are cleaned before wearing – saving yourself some embarrassment!

15. Use Decorative Wall Tiles as Artwork for Display:

Wall tiles make great decorative artwork, and you can use them to add some style and color to your laundry space. The best part about this idea is that it will save you money because painting or wallpaper are not required!

16. Add Some Flooring or Cover Existing Floor with Area Rug:  

If you bring in more natural light into your laundry room by installing windows, adding a decorative wall tile accent, or hanging up a drying rack, you can easily transform the flooring of your laundry room.

Adding a flooring or area rug will help enlarge this space and, at the same time, bring in more color and style to brighten up that drab gray concrete look!

17. Install Cabinets for Additional Storage: 

Cabinets are one of those pieces of furniture you can never have enough of in any home! They make it easy to store your most used detergents, bulky tumble dryer sheets, and other cleaning products. This simple trick makes it easy to wash clothes without having to leave this room – plus, you’ll find everything easily accessible when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to renovate a laundry room?

The cost of a laundry room renovation depends on so many factors – what you’re going to do in the space, how big your laundry room is, and where it is located are some key things that will affect your total costs.

Suppose you’re planning to buy tiles or paint for the room—factor in any additional expenses related to these materials. You may also need to hire someone else besides yourself if you haven’t got time for cleaning and painting! Naturally, unexpected costs may also come up during the renovation process, resulting in additional fees.

What should be included in a laundry design?

The space you’re designing and the budget you have in mind can determine what type of items should be included in the design – but furnishing a laundry room doesn’t need to be expensive.

It’s best to start with basic pieces like two chairs, a table, and storage for small items before adding more furniture. You could always renovate your laundry room later if it ends up not looking how you’d like!

How do you renovate a utility room?

You can renovate your utility room by simply adding a sink or changing the lighting. If you’re planning to use this space for more than just washing clothes, it’s best to plan and create a completely different look.

What is a galley laundry room?

A galley laundry room is one of those small spaces that often becomes cramped and looks dull. A narrow space with a single row of cabinets can be transformed and expanded by adding more cabinets, shelves, and storage units!

How can I maximize my small laundry room?

The key to maximizing a small space is by adding storage! This might mean getting a washing machine of a different design, choosing cabinet laundry room cabinets with doors on each shelf, and using drawers for additional storage.

You can maximize your small laundry room by installing windows or glass doors. Doing this allows you to bring in more natural light into the space. For an added touch, you could install a drying rack or some decorative wall tiles!

How much square footage do you need for a laundry room?

A typical laundry room needs about 150-200 sq. ft. to accommodate the washing machine, dryer, and other basic furniture pieces.

Conclusion: The Bottom Line

When it comes to laundry room remodeling, you have a few options. You can either improve the functionality of your existing space by adding more shelves or cabinets for storage solutions, add design features that will make the room look better and be more appealing to guests, or upgrade your washer and dryer so that they work better for you. Once completed, your laundry area should function well with all of its new additions – not just looking good! The following are five amazing before-and-after photos showing how different homeowners improved their laundry rooms after remodeling them.

The design possibilities for a laundry room are endless, and the reasons to remodel can be many. We hope this article helped you decide what kind of changes might work best in your own space! If you’re looking to improve functionality, storage, or both with your next DIY project, we’ve got some ideas that will help.

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