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Kitchens for Every Type of Family

Kitchens vary in size and shape just like every family as well. Each family has its own wants and needs associated with their house and kitchen. You may think it difficult to predict what your family might need from your kitchen space, but there are some ways you can design your family kitchen that anyone can enjoy. 

Kitchen Space

Kitchen space and accessibility are key to making your kitchen family-friendly. More than just the dimensions of the room, make sure there is sufficient space around your counters and appliances. Kids and pets will play anywhere, and their playtime might sometimes spill into the kitchen space. If you have children, you can probably assume one of them will zoom through the family kitchen at some point. Including an open kitchen plan will reduce the chance for collisions and accidents. 

Surfaces and Corners

In any family, you can bet things will be left out or spilled over the countertops and surfaces. Incorporating easy-to-clean surfaces will make the entire family kitchen easier to pick up and keep organized. Countertop surfaces like quartz or laminate countertops can come in a variety of colors and styles to match your kitchen. These materials also hold up against stains and spills, making it easy to clean up after any mess.

Also pay attention to the corners of your countertops and other kitchen surfaces. If you expect to have heavy traffic in your kitchen, it’s good to notice any sharp corners and address them. You can round them off or attach rubber stops to the corners to make it safer for any children or pets running around. 


Think about the current storage in your family kitchen and who will be accessing your kitchen. If you have children who will be getting their own food or dishware, make sure to store it somewhere accessible to them and not up high where they would need a stool or step ladder to reach. Incorporating a pantry into your family kitchen will make it easier for your family to access food without rummaging through cabinets and drawers. 

If you have separate dishes or silverware for small children, keep them low and accessible for them. Even if you plan on getting your child’s dishes and silverware the majority of the time, there will be times your child will try to do it on their own. Letting them know where their utensils are and keeping them away from other potentially dangerous kitchen items will keep your family safe in the long run. 

Chemical Storage

If you keep cleaning supplies within your family kitchen, make sure they are stored properly and safely away from food and other utensils that might touch food. If you have small children or pets in your home, it may be worthwhile to put safety locks on any cupboards or cabinets containing potentially hazardous chemicals or cleaners. Make sure to teach your children about these chemicals and why they should avoid them, so they fully understand and don’t go exploring one day out of curiosity.


Consider how many dishes your family uses on a daily basis. Where do those dishes go? Into the sink or right into the dishwasher? If you know your family has a tendency to pile dishes into the sink, consider installing a deep sink that can hold more dishes and utensils. If your family is pretty good about rinsing dishes, make sure your dishwasher is close to your sink to make it as easy as possible to clean up. 

A Beautiful Family Kitchen from Cleveland Cabinets

Cleveland Cabinets provides the Greater Cleveland area with beautiful, high-quality cabinets for any room of your home! Work with our designers to create a unique design plan just for you and your kitchen. Visit our website or call (216) 459-7676 today!

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