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Implementing Black Kitchen Cabinets in Your Kitchen Design

It seems that the color black has, and will always be, in style. This holds true for almost everything, especially when it comes to kitchen design. Black is one of the most timeless, versatile colors, and they look great in almost every style of kitchen including contemporary, classic, modern, and rustic. And while the color is versatile, it is equally as powerful, which might drive some home and kitchen designers away from selecting it, among other color choices. If you’re thinking about revamping your home with black kitchen cabinets, you might be wondering how you can incorporate this strong color without making your kitchen feel too dark, drab, or somber. Let’s explore how adding black to your cabinets can affect the look and feel of your kitchen, and how you can make the look work.

Too Much Can Be a Bad Thing

Black kitchen cabinets can definitely make a statement for your kitchen, but it’s important to note that too much black color can make a space feel overwhelming, small, and dark. If you’re looking to avoid this, consider only painting a few cabinets, or an island, black. Another option is to use less dramatic shades, like charcoal or deep blue, on your cabinets. Since the color black on its own makes spaces appear dark, you should consider pairing black cabinets with lighter colored countertops and flooring. Adding this contrast gives spaces a contemporary, sleek look, without drowning out all the sunlight in the room. If you’re looking for more light to balance the black cabinets, consider adding a window to let in natural light, or extra lighting fixtures or under cabinet lighting. 

Pay Attention to Mood

When you’re designing your kitchen, make sure you think about the mood you want people to feel when they enter the space. Black on its own communicates boldness, and tends to make spaces look mysterious, high-quality, or luxurious. If used incorrectly, however, black can unintentionally bring the mood down. If you want to avoid this, consider pairing your black kitchen cabinets with splashes of color. Adding a dash of brightness with wall color, vibrant kitchen tools, or colorful backsplashes can counteract the dullness that black cabinets might convey. Other ways to make the area more inviting with black kitchen cabinets is to add a colorful rug, colorful light fixtures, or light wood accents to the room. 

Keeping Your Kitchen Looking Clean

Kitchens are arguably the most messy spaces in a house. If keeping this space clean is important to you, you should think about how different colored cabinets show different amounts of filth. The color black on cabinets can make dust, food, and fingerprints more easily visible on the surface. If you have kids, or if you’re a messy person yourself, you should consider opting for a matte finish instead of a high-gloss finish. This way, you can still get the most out of your kitchen cabinet design, but you won’t have to worry about seeing every little smear or fingerprint that falls on the area. 

Black Kitchen Cabinet Upkeep

A big part of keeping your kitchen looking clean and fresh is making sure there isn’t any damage to the surfaces of your cabinets. Black cabinets prove to be beneficial in this aspect, as paint touch-ups are easy and less noticeable. White cabinets can be more difficult to touch up, because varying shades of white or cream can stick out like a sore thumb if the rest of the surface is a slightly different shade. On the other hand, darker colors like black can be a breeze when touching-up. Another plus of having black cabinets is that stains and discolor to the surface are less noticeable than they would be on a lighter surface. This can be a long-term perk of having black kitchen cabinets since their surfaces will be avoiding noticeable damages. 

Ready to Revamp Your Kitchen Cabinets?

Our team at Cleveland Cabinets is here to help with kitchen design, cabinet installation, countertop installation, and more. We also offer a wide variety of high-quality, affordable cabinets and kitchen products. Give us a call at (216) 459-7676 or visit our website to learn more.

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