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5 Tips To Help Choose Colors Of Kitchen Cabinets

If you are in the process of renovating your kitchen or just choosing paint colors of kitchen cabinets for your new home, deciding on the right color for your cabinetry can be stressful.

Professionals will often advise that it is always best to select colors you like instead of choosing something on-trend. Just because it is the Pantone color of the year doesn’t mean you have to pick that specific shade to use in your kitchen.

To select paint colors, it helps to toss around a few ideas first. But in general, here are five top tips that can help you choose your kitchen cabinets’ colors.

Tip #1: Consider the Style of Your Kitchen

More often than not, you should easily decide on the colors of kitchen cabinets by using the current style as a guide.

For example, if you have a more traditional kitchen, it only makes sense to use a more classic color palette. Some common examples are whites and cream shades.

On the other hand, modern kitchens would benefit from striking colors—splashes of contrasting tones to accentuate the sleek designs. Bright hues or metallic shades are also worth looking into.

Along with style, you should also put other aspects such as lighting and the kitchen’s size into consideration.

For example, a smaller kitchen will work best with bright lighting paired with equally bright paint. Doing so tricks the eye into thinking the kitchen is larger than what it seems. Larger kitchens can play around with more lighting options and darker hues to make the room appear cozier.

Tip #2: Select a Neutral Color for Future Resale

If the current home isn’t one you imagine yourself living in forever and a sale is in its future, it might also be worth selecting neutral colors. Lots of homeowners, after all, find a neutral wash more appealing.

Not only will the kitchen instantly appear clean and spacious, but it also allows a potential buyer to visualize the space in whatever color or design they choose. Think of it as a blank canvas that is waiting to be painted on or decorated.

Tip #3: Stain Choice

Painting over cabinetry and wood surfaces isn’t for everyone. Some shudder at the thought of covering up the natural beauty of the wood. If you would rather preserve the look of its grains but still find yourself interested in adding some color, staining is your next best bet.

Wood stains come in a wide range of tints. You can go as dark or as light as you want. The great thing about stains is that it’s easy to apply and it doesn’t require any tools other than a rag to buff the color in. For this reason, it is also possible for you to simply apply the stain yourself.

Tip #4: Make It Match

For a more cohesive and seamless look, you can always select a color that would match the backsplash, countertop, kitchen island, and flooring. You do not necessarily have to pick the same shade. Instead, you can choose colors that are from the same palette. The idea is to have similar shades that do not clash.

Tip #5: Seek Out a Professional Cabinet Service

Painting may be a no brainer DIY project. Sure, it is possible to paint the colors of kitchen cabinets on your own. However, the best results are still from professionally made cabinets. Why?

Let’s say you are merely renovating and just want to revamp your current cabinets’ look. A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to achieve this. You cannot, however, just slap on some paint. You first need to know what kind of paint will work best or the surface you are painting.

Laminate cabinets require sanding down, an epoxy primer, and then you must top it off with lacquer or enamel paint. Then there’s also the matter of having the correct tools to complete the job. Paintbrushes, foam rollers, ladders, drop cloths, and sanding equipment are just some of the tools that are needed for the project.

When you hire a pro, you no longer need to worry about those things. Experts are armed with both the skill and the tools necessary for the painting project. This not only saves you time and effort, but it also cuts down on the overall cost immensely.

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