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10 Amazing Blue Kitchen Cabinets Ideas – Your Dream Kitchen

Are you looking for beautiful cabinet designs that will improve the look of your kitchen and make it look more modern and trendy? So you have landed in the right place. Here you will find some amazing ideas for your kitchen cabinetry. Today, blue cabinets are one of the hottest trends in kitchen cabinetry and can be seen in several creative kitchen designs. 

A color like blue is so appealing that even the most astute color minimalists can see why it’s a popular choice, as it can help add some class to cookie-cutter kitchens or areas that feel drab. To make it easier for you to select the perfect shade for your home and kitchen, we have compiled the top 10 best blue kitchen cabinet options.

Blue Kitchen Cabinets: What colors work best with them 

In the last five years, blue has been one of the top trending cabinet colors. Blue is a color that has a lot of versatility and can easily be dressed up or down depending on the decor and environment in which it is used. You can get a good idea about the various color combinations with blue by reading this article. So, as you can see, white is the top and most fashionable color that goes best with blue. There is something so great and breathtaking about the kitchen having walls painted white and having cabinets painted blue. There is no doubt that white countertops offer a classic, trendy look, and they have the bonus of brightening a room.

Moreover, grey and brown lend an amazing and luxurious look to blue and work well with this color. Dark wood countertops are a great choice for dark blue cabinets. A touch of gold or brass hardware adds glamor to the design when paired with blue or white cabinetry. 

Creative Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas – Get Inspired

Designers are responding to the blue color trend in the kitchen that will be seen as the new trend for 2021. The blue cabinets in the kitchen islands are stealing the show. Using them in one of the current white kitchen designs so popular today will add a splash of color and charm to the room. A blue cabinet is a great choice for transitional, casual, country, modern, and traditional interior design.

The following gorgeous blue kitchen cabinet ideas will brighten up your cooking space while creating an eye-pleasing and timeless look!

1. Go Light and Airy

Light colors will catch the eye of anyone who looks at them. Similarly, the light blue color is super amazing. It is a great example of how you can lighten up a room using a color normally associated with drama and depth. It will look so amazing and eye-catching when you use light blue cabinets in your kitchen. Luckily, blue is a color that comes in a variety of shades, and you are certainly not forced to stick to navy or cobalt in your kitchen. 

2. Using a Blue and Wood Tone Mixture

With the contrast of blue and wood, the space is timeless (but often overdone) rather than black and white, while the rounded edges and subtle curves return it to a very hygge-friendly space. Combining wood and blue will make your kitchen look more sophisticated. However, the blue cabinets in this kitchen give it a different look and vibe regarding the Danish or Nordic influence.

3. Bluish Cabinetry Kitchen 

Custom-made cabinets with a bright blue finish and a bar with smoked mirror panels are displayed at the restaurant. The floors are made of honed Thassos marble and an Atlantic Blue marble color. This kitchen has a luxurious look with the help of the cast glass counters and the vintage stools from the 1970s. It was a combination of vintage items and contemporary design that Tim Haynes and Kevin Roberts gave to a Bridgehampton house. 

4. Modern-Rustic Kitchen

Combining marbles in a rustic shade or wooden surfaces is stunning. The Blakes London kitchen comes with a fusion of materials. A chic shade of blue is painted on the upper cabinets, with Shaker-style trim and glossy subway tiles. This shade will reveal itself when combined with rustic or antique colors on the lower cabinets and blue on the uppers. 

This color combination will create an eye-catching look in your kitchen if your walls are painted white for the best results. All the elements have been beautifully combined, creating a stunning storage area as well as an attractive cooking space.

5. Cabinets with a Two-tone Finish

Designers have become interested in two-toned finishing walls. In western countries, this scheme is widely used. An atmosphere of relaxation is created in the kitchen with this tone. The color combination in the kitchen gives the impression of an empty room because the space is not too messy.  Make your kitchen stand out with a distinctive cabinet color. You’ll have a stylish look that will last for years to come. A navy cabinet and minty blue cabinets perfectly offset one another in this Swedish apartment by Entrance Makler. Furthermore, the leather cabinet pulls give the room an air of sophistication and relaxation.

6. Monochromatic Kitchen

If used correctly, a monochromatic palette can add impossibly chic vibes to any room. Monochromatic color shading can also create a beautiful and classic design in your kitchen. It is best to choose monochromatic colors for cabinets and walls in your kitchen, like light blue or navy blue. There is an elegant shade of blue on all the features in this kitchen except for the butcher-block countertop and the wood flooring. 

7. Classic Navy Finish

Silver and blue seem like such a nautical combination. In addition, when applied properly, it never feels kitschy but instead takes on the title of coastal chic right where it belongs. It is very pleasing to the eyes to see vivid shades of colors such as navy finish, silver, and blue. The cabinet can be customized using silver walls and rusty floor tiles to match your taste.  Besides the appealing navy blue color, details like the white tile backsplash and the larger blue trim give the eye another bit of texture to look over, creating a more modern and timeless atmosphere.

8. Metallic Highlights

Adding metallic tiles, a metallic roof, and metallic doors to silver walls and blue cabinets makes your kitchen unique and eye-catching. Despite the steely gray, chrome appliances, black walls, and brass fixtures, the kitchen does seem much cozier, thanks to a splash of blue on the island. Although this space can sometimes feel more industrial, the addition of denim blue makes it feel livable but still luxurious. 

9. Go Ultra Modern

Choose ultra-modern designs like the one listed here if you want someone to say wow when he visits your kitchen. Blue is far from coastal, and it can work on cabinetry as well as a modern space. It is a very trendy design in 2021. The color blue may remind you too much of beach houses or dining rooms with traditional décor. Check the following eye-catchy look of the kitchen.

10. Turquoise Kitchen

You can instantly transform a tired kitchen with the right shade of blue. There is nothing more fun or sophisticated than turquoise kitchen cabinets. It also perfectly harmonizes with the cute banquette bench that you will find in the breakfast nook. Beautiful branches and stems offer a subtle touch of greenery. Chad McPhail designed this turquoise kitchen with colorful walls and cabinets. The front wall with the sink is beautifully designed with ancient colorful designs. Moreover, silvery slabs give a classical and high-end look.

Thinking About Trying Blue Kitchen Cabinets?

Blue kitchen cabinets designs are an excellent choice if you’re thinking of trying them. In this modern and technological era, blue shading designs have gained the ultimate attention of people and designers. The blue cabinet trend is one of the best because it goes well with other up-and-coming trends. It is a color that has a calming effect on the mind and reminds people of the ocean and the sky.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Blue Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Are blue kitchen cabinets trendy?

Grey, white, and natural-wood cabinets are still in style and probably won’t go anywhere anytime soon. Although we still view these kitchens as charming and fun, most homeowners would agree that an updated design will be more practical and cohesive in the long run. The color blue is one of those trends you won’t need to worry about. Interior designers have always preferred this color. It is a traditional color, and many people see it as a color that reduces stress.

Here is a chart showing the search volume on Google and the popularity of “blue cabinets” since 2004. In the chart, you can see how the term has gained popularity over time.

Is blue good for kitchen cabinets?

Yes, blue is the best color for kitchen cabinets; it is the color most people have chosen in 2020 and 2021. According to general color theory, blue is associated with tranquility and calming feelings, and designers often use it to evoke these feelings and create luxurious and high-end spaces.

What backsplash looks good with blue cabinets?

A modern, contemporary color palette is created when a playful yet sophisticated blue complements a white subway tile. Several designers recommended white and blue as a color scheme for the kitchen because they are stylish, modern, and eye-catching. For kitchen cabinets in blue, white subway tile is a popular choice for the backsplash.

Final Thoughts 

In final words, Modern kitchens are known for incorporating bright colors from time to time, and blue is no exception to the rule. There’s something luxurious and trendy about cabinets, walls, chairs, backsplashes, and even countertops. There are many places in the kitchen where blue can be used. Hopefully, this post has given you a lot of inspiration for your kitchen. Our listed designs for blue kitchen cabinets will help you customize your kitchen in a suitable and trendy manner.

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