MSI countertop on a light blue island.

Looking for some great natural stone countertop options for your rental property, flip, or personal kitchen on a budget? MSI offers beautiful and one-of-a-kind countertop options for you! Below are some of the most popular options our clients are choosing!

MSI Surfaces is a slab wholesaler that sells materials directly to fabricators like Cleveland Cabinets to fabricate and install for our clients. MSI has a showroom where you are able to view the full slabs to ensure they are exactly what you want to match your kitchen and bath renovations.

1. Taj Mahal Brushed + Polished

Taj Mahal quartzite by MSI

2. Zermat Honed + Polished

Zermat Honed + Polished by MSI

3. Florida Waved Brushed, Honed + Polished

Florida Waved Brushed, Honed + Polished by MSI

4. Fusion Brushed + Polished

Fusion Brushed + Polished by MSI

5. Cristallo Polished

Cristallo Polished by MSI

6. Fantasy Macaubas Polished

Fantasy Macaubas Polished by MSI

7. Blue Lava Polished

Blue Lava Polished by MSI

8. Denali Polished

Denali Polished by MSI

9. Titanium Brushed + Polished

Titanium Brushed + Polished  by MSI

10. Desert Dream Brushed + Polished

Desert Dream Brushed + Polished  by MSI


Frequently Asked Questions – MSI:

Is MSI a good brand for countertops?

MSI quartz is inherently heat-resistant, which makes it an ideal addition to any kitchen. In fact, with normal use, you’ll find that quartz holds up just as well against the heat as its natural stone counterparts.


Which is better Caesarstone or MSI?

Caesarstone boasts hard edges and vivid cuts and colors while MSI is more focused on elegant designs. Quartz countertops for bathrooms are becoming more and more popular due to their easy maintenance and luxurious appearance.


What is MSI quartz made of?

MSI’s countertops are created with a mixture of natural quartz and other materials such as particles of granite and colored glass. Polymer resins bind the mixture together, and it is then molded into slabs. The result is one of many incredibly durable and gorgeous patterns for which quartz is known.

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