Front kitchen wooden frame cabinet door and drawers made from dark wood, background and texture

When shopping for new cabinets, you should always look for those made with high-quality materials because you know they will be long-lasting products. But identifying the best options are not that simple.

How would you know if the cabinet you’re looking at is high-quality? When it comes to quality, look for solid hardwood options and choose high-end hinges and handles to ensure that your cabinets will last for at least 20 years.

This article will act as your guide on where to find high-quality cabinets in Cleveland, OH, and how to tell the difference between well-made ones and those which are not.

What Makes A Cabinet High-Quality?

Before you go shopping, take a look at the breakdown of high-quality cabinet characteristics below.

Solid Hardwood Construction

First things first, your cabinets should be made from a sturdy, solid material. Hardwood has proven itself as an ideal choice of material for cabinets. These sturdy fixtures will be able to stand the test of time and support whatever you place inside them.

A cabinet made of other materials like particleboard is not that solid as plywood and other solid woods like oak, cherry, and maple. Particleboard is vulnerable to moisture absorption, which can be a problem with screws and hinges, causing your cabinet doors to get loose. It is also easily cracked, which can be a considerable problem.

Kitchen Cabinet Glass Hardware is Shown on White Cabinets

Face Frames

You can choose from framed to frameless cabinets. A sturdy hardwood frame fastens to the cabinet. Then the hardware secures to the frame. A frameless cabinet’s hardware is fixed to the side.

If the manufacturer uses a frame, then the cabinet is of high quality. As the hinges and other hardware are connected to the frame, it provides a platform for mounting attachments.

Note that the frame adds strength to the cabinet, preventing any damage during installation. In short, it is better than the frameless kind.

High-Quality Hinges

Hinges are a big part of kitchen cabinets. It is what makes them open and close. There are many kinds of hinges to choose from, but options like soft-close hinges or friction hinges can make your cabinets seem even more high-end.

Investing in quality hinges also reduces the likelihood of having noisy hinges or needing to continually retighten your hinges.

Full Height Back Panels

A cabinet’s sturdiness is affected by its back structure. For high-quality options, a full solid plywood material is ideal for the back panel. This will improve the cabinets’ sturdiness and prolong their life.

Cabinets with different materials used for the back panel can be less expensive than solid wood, but it is not as durable and secure.

Melamine Interiors

Since kitchen cabinets are used to store kitchen utensils and other culinary necessities, so it’s best to get ones that will stay dry at all times. The ones that have a melamine interior are the best due to their waterproof properties. Additionally, melamine can prevent stains, keeping your cabinets looking new, and it is also fire resistant.

Don’t Settle For Less Than The Best

When you’re buying your kitchen cabinets, consider the characteristics mentioned above to ensure you invest in only the best cabinets on the market. Always remember to ask for references and check out the reviews left by previous customers to help you make an informed decision.

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