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KraftMaid Cabinets – Information And Reviews

Everyone’s dream is to have a beautiful Kitchen with a fantastic design. So if you’re looking for new cabinets for your kitchen decoration, then look no further! Kraftmaid Cabinets are the best choice for beautifully designed frame cabinets.

As cabinets are a little bit expensive, you should make sure they look good. Mostly,  cabinets are typical and traditional. They don’t stand out or reflect your style in this modern era.

Kraftmaid Cabinets are the best choice for anyone who wants modern frame cabinets. These cabinets will be a perfect addition to anyone’s home. So here, the Kraftmaid Cabinets review helps you understand these cabinets, and you can discover all the benefits of Kraftmaid Cabinetry. We’ll describe their top 5 cabinet models and also some features.

So without wasting further time, let’s get started.

What Are KraftMaid Cabinets?

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KraftMaid Cabinets was established in Ohio with over 40 years of experience. Initially, the company started as a small regional carpentry shop, and now it has become one of the largest custom-made cabinets manufacturers in the US. Every product of Kraftmaid is made with quality material to match your’s and the standard of your home. Their standard wall cabinets come with flexible shelves to use them fully.

KraftMaid  Cabinets – Features Overview

Now you’re well aware of framed cabinets. So let’s discuss some of the main features of Kraftmaid Cabinets that are given below:

1. Craftsmanship

Experienced cabinetmakers build your order to your specific design. All of their products are assembled by hand. Certifiable inspectors carefully examine your order throughout the making process to assure quality. In addition, once a cabinet reaches the end of the making process, it is rechecked, boxed for shipping, and instantly ready to be delivered.

2. Quality Comes Standard

As you know, how much we use our kitchen in our daily lives. So their main priority is to build such types of cabinetry that look beautiful and performs perfectly throughout a lifetime of continual use. That’s why they use a two-layer cabinet finishing coat, solid-wood drawers, and ½-inch panels on the top and bottom of all wall cabinets for extra strength.

3. Durability Testing

Kraftmaid Cabinets have a cabinet manufacturers association (KCMA) quality certification seal. So all of their products are of a high standard. Tests like drawer guide, door hinges are performed through which product must have to survive 25,000 open and close cycles. And for high heat, cabinets are subjected to 160° heat at 70% humidity for 24 hours to test for end the failures that could come from cooking.

4. Advanced Protection

To improve and enhance the performance and durability of the kitchen and bath, Kraftmaid uses some advanced protection for that they made Evercore products that are formed by super-compressing wood fibers under extreme mechanical pressure. And core guard products that are easy to clean and resist damage and staining.

5. Universal Design

KraftMaid Cabinetry passport series makes an attractive space comfortable for everyone to use. The passport series is designed according to universal simplicity, safety, and effortless functionality. They make appliance cabinets and accessible storage and workspace customize your space with easy-to-use pull-out storage.

KraftMaid Cabinetry – Top 5 Cabinet Models

Top 5 Cabinet Models and materials for project appearance and delivery

As we’ve covered the features of Kraftmaid Cabinetry, let’s have a look at some of their unique top 5 cabinets models for the kitchen. Below we’ll review each of these cabinets to serve as a starting point for you.

1. The New Traditional

The New Traditional sign remodel, contact today for more

It’s not necessary for a classic kitchen to feel stuffy. The traditional style package features sliding panel doors for kitchen cabinets and roman spindle island legs that display traditional styling. Still, open shelving and unique transparent cabinet end with a contrasting island keeping formality in check.

2. Urban Allure

Urban Allure layout, cost, and promotions

If you’re interested in modern designs, this kitchen will be the best choice for you. The cabinets are simplified, and the overall design is stylish. Still, the wood-paneled feature wall and guest-friendly touches make this a comfortable, inviting space that’s perfect for organizing gatherings. This kitchen will be an ideal option for you as a luxurious and elegant kitchen.

3. Contrasting Beauty

Contrasting Beauty sense detail, contractors available for information

This L-shaped kitchen has it all. A contrast of light and dark color, a combination of open storage and stylish cabinetry, plus glitz and glam from the glass doors and brass hardware. It’s a perfect example of the Simplicity, highly efficient, and beautiful kitchen you want.

4. Hip Hive

Hip Hive gives a modern look

A combination of textures enhances the warmth and interest of this modern, stylish way of living. From the iconic oak wood grain found through the luminous finish to the honeycomb tile pattern, every corner of the room is filled with character. Because these cabinets have a modern look, they’re an excellent fit for modern kitchens.

5. Colorful Outlook

Colorful Outlook, it is an energetic mixture of colors, supplies, and textures

An energetic mixture of colors, supplies, and textures gives this G-shaped kitchen a lovely breeze. The stained finish panels, the toe kick complement, the texture of the bronze hardware create an interesting design element for the blue cabinets. Glass doors and open shelves add to the light, bright feel. If you want your kitchen to look elegant and stylish, this could be the best choice.

KraftMaid Cabinetry – Is It Worth The Money?

KraftMaid Cabinetry helps you to create the kitchen of your dreams. Their cabinetry comes with the widest selection of styles, storage solutions, ornamental improvements, and custom-made cabinetry. Their cabinetry is attractive, and they also offer durable products that perform well throughout their lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Who Makes KraftMaid Cabinets?

KraftMaid Cabinet is owned by Masco retail cabinet group in Ohio(US). For more than 40 years, KraftMaid Cabinetry has been one of the nation’s largest manufacturer’s cabinetry companies.

Do KraftMaid Cabinets Use MDF?

KraftMaid boxes are provided with APC(all-plywood construction). Cabinets are typically made from MDF (medium-density fiberboard) or particleboard.

When Will You Get Your Cabinets After Placing An Order?

CraftMaid cabinetry is custom-made for every customer. Usually, it takes four weeks for your order to arrive (based on your location and the time of your order). You can view the status of your order online at any time.

How Can You Clean The Wood Cabinets?

Add 50% vinegar solution with 50% warm water in a spray bottle. Then left the mist for a few minutes on the cabinet. Then clean it with a  soft cloth. Spray the cabinets with the mixture you made in a bottle.

Conclusion – Final Words

If you’re looking for cabinets for your kitchen or want to build a new home, Kraftmaid Cabinets are the best choice for you. For example, choose cabinets from Kraftmaid if you’re looking for a luxurious and elegant kitchen. It comes with high durability and performs perfectly throughout a lifetime of continual use. It was established in Ohio with over 40 years of experience.

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