We invite you to come to our showroom to view our cabinet styles and construction. We will walk you through our showroom, talk to you about our cabinetry, our company, and answer any questions you may have. The first showroom visit is designed to get to know you and get a feel for what you are looking to accomplish with your kitchen renovation project. We take a very personalized approach with our customers and want you to be informed and comfortable during the entire process. We make everything as transparent and relaxed as possible.

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Whether you bring in measurements or a layout with you on your first visit or if you want to come back with more detailed information, we will provide you with a budgetary cabinet and countertop estimate based on your layout. These measurements do not have to be perfect, but the more information we have the more detailed and accurate our budgetary estimate will be. The goal of the budgetary estimate is to get you comfortable with our price range and make sure everyone is on the same page with a rough budget before proceeding to any of our design consultation packages.

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If our preliminary estimate fits your budget and you are comfortable with moving forward with us, we will set up a design consultation with one of our kitchen designers. We offer two different levels of kitchen design services to fit your budget and your design needs. Each design package has a different pricing structure and offers different levels of service based on what you would like for your project. The packages are set so the less design time you need from Cleveland Cabinets, the lower the price will be.

DIY Package
Kitchen Design Package


This is great for contractors, investors, or homeowners on a tight budget.  This design package is for the person who knows exactly what they want, and they do not need help with measurements or kitchen design.

  • This is contractor pricing. This is the lowest pricing offered at Cleveland Cabinets.
  • This package offers a very aggressive discount for clients that do not need to work with our kitchen designers.
  • You will provide Cleveland Cabinets with a layout or cabinet list of materials that you need.
  • You are 100% responsible for all measurements and the approved material order list.
  • Cleveland Cabinets does not provide any layouts or design renderings for the DIY order.
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This is our MOST POPULAR design package. This is for the client who needs some professional design guidance, the ability to visualize multiple layout options, and see exactly how their kitchen will look in full color HD renderings. This package adds a ton of FUN to the process and helps lessen the stress knowing that you are working with a professional that will make sure everything is thought of.

  • This represents our standard services at Cleveland Cabinets. There is a $300 deposit required to start the Kitchen Design Package. This $300 gets credited 100% towards your cabinet purchase.
  • Cleveland Cabinets does the full measurement of your kitchen to ensure 100% accuracy.
  • You receive full color HD renderings showing your specific selections and colors. You will get to see exactly how your kitchen will look in full color.
  • Design Process:
    1. In Home Design Consultation and Field Measurement – You will meet with a kitchen designer at your home where they will take full measurements of your space to ensure all layouts and options will work as designed. Our designer will get to know you, your family, and have an in-depth conversation to determine how we can provide the best kitchen based on your personal wants, needs, lifestyle, budget, etc.
    2. Design Sneak Peek – We will send you a few sneak peek pictures of your kitchen design options for review before you come in for your showroom presentation. This will allow you some time to see the options and think about what you want and possible revisions you would like to see during your presentation.
    3. Showroom Presentation – After we get some feedback on our sneak peek designs, you will set a time to meet with your kitchen designer at our showroom for a follow up design presentation. We will present different options in detail and walk you through every aspect of your kitchen design. This meeting is a collaborative design meeting where we can do additional revisions and see different options and ideas on the spot within your designated appointment time.
    4. Revision after Showroom PresentationAfter your showroom presentation, there may be some final items that you need to think about or that would like to revise. You get one round of final revisions to go through the last details with our designer. This can be done through email or an additional showroom visit, whichever works best for you.
    5. Additional Revisions – If you are not quite sold on the design and layout at this point and would like to continue to see options and revisions, a good faith cabinet deposit of 25% of your estimated cabinet cost is required to proceed. This revision and any additional revision at this point will incur a $150 revision fee. This allows our designers to properly allocate their time to customers that are ready to move forward with their project.
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Once your kitchen design has been finalized, we will provide a full quote of what your cabinet cost, installation cost (if applicable), and countertop cost will be. Once you place cabinet order, we will release all detailed plans to you and your contractors.

Deposit amounts are based on project type and value. We will discuss the deposit required based on your specific project. Typically, deposits are the full value of the project cabinet cost and half of the countertop cost.

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