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Design trends come and go, creating fads that quickly fade out, leaving you with an outdated style lacking in functionality. A good design balances style and function so that you can enjoy the appearance while still getting what you need. Kitchen cabinet design is no different and getting the most out of your kitchen cabinets can help you choose the right design for you and your kitchen. 

Kitchen remodeling design with material selection


When designing your kitchen cabinets, consider where you are placing them throughout your kitchen. If you have the opportunity to, rearrange the cabinets to improve their purpose in proximity to nearby appliances. Give your cabinets adequate space from heat-producing appliances so that the cabinet material and things inside them aren’t affected by heat, to potentially cause a fire. However, having a cabinet still in reach from your stove top will keep you from running around your kitchen every time you cook. 

Kitchen Traffic

Consider the amount of traffic coming through your kitchen, whether it be people or pets. You don’t want any cabinets or drawers blocking walkways when being used. If you have rambunctious pets or children, it may be beneficial to keep cabinets and drawers higher off the ground to limit their access. 

Does your kitchen have an island? Consider how those cabinets and drawers affect the style and functionality of your kitchen. Any open drawers or cabinet doors in the middle of the kitchen will affect the traffic flow of your kitchen and potentially make it more difficult to move around the room. 


Now that you’ve got your cabinets placed around your kitchen, deciding what goes into them will help improve your kitchen design and function. Think about the current layout of your kitchen, where your appliances are and where your utensils are stored. It makes sense to keep knives and other cooking equipment near your stove and oven for easy convenience. Conversely, displaying your kitchen knives in a knife block or magnetic strip can add to the appearance of your kitchen design and also save cabinet space for other utensils.  

Adding kitchen cabinet organizers will also help with your kitchen design. Things like adding a silverware tray or adding a utensil rack to the side of your cabinets can improve storage, free up cabinet space, and look nifty at the same time!

Showcase Your Best 

Showcasing chinaware, porcelain, or other fancy dishware you might have will also help improve your kitchen cabinet design. Glass doors on kitchen cabinets will display your expensive dishware, while also keeping them safe and away from daily use. Kitchen cabinets doors can even come with tinted or obscured glass that can still add to your design style, if you aren’t looking to showcase your dishware. 

Organize by Color

Classifying kitchen equipment and utensils will not only help you find what you are looking for, but will also be pretty to look at as well. Using different colored kitchen towels for different seasons will keep your kitchen design fresh and relevant. Organizing by color with your utensils will help your cabinet design as well. For example, keeping all baking equipment one color and grilling equipment another will help you easily find whatever you are looking for, while giving your cabinets some colorful organization. 

Cleveland Cabinets

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