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Cabinet Hardware Style Guide – Jeffrey Alexander and Elements

Are you considering updating some of the pulls, knobs, and hardware in your old kitchen to give it a fresh look? Then this guide is for you, covering everything from where to shop for hardware to what matters the most when making a purchase to the various styles.

Kitchen hardware from Jeffrey Alexander is the best available on the market. Their hardware is so meticulously designed that you will be unable to resist buying their products.

What Is Cabinet Hardware?

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It can be challenging to choose between black and brass hardware for many people, and they often end up being unsure of their decision. But there’s no need to be worried anymore. The situation has been resolved. This article is to assist you in styling your cabinets’ hardware by providing all the details and material you need to know.  Just hold on and stay with us till the end!

When there comes the time to plump for the right cabinet hardware, it is an uphill task that needs to be accomplished by keeping a number of factors in mind because it adds to beauty that persists for years. Choosing the right cabinet hardware is an art because it’s about appearance, quality, and cost.

So, if you are looking to find these all-qualities all-in-ones, then Jeffrey Alexander by Hardware Resources is the right choice for you.

What are Jeffrey Alexander and Elements?

Jeffrey Alexander by Hardware Resources is presently one of the most flourishing cabinet hardware manufacturing companies in the United States. They provide you with a wide range of delicate and elegant knobs and pulls from cabinets, which are not only delicately designed and finished but satisfy high standards in terms of quality.

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Its elements:

  1. Knobs

  2.  Pulls

  3.  Backplates

  4.  Hinges

  5.  Track hardware

These elements can be divided into two categories, functional and decorative.

  1. Functional: The functional hardware supports the back end of the cabinets.

  2. Decorative: The hardware that attaches to the front of the cabinets and drawers are decorative elements

Why Choose Jeffrey Alexander?

The reasons which make Jeffrey Alexander one of the best and elite cabinet hardware companies are:

  1. Unique designs: They provide a unique design with a wide range of hardware, from elongated knobs to drop pull.

  2. Luxurious feel: From satin nickel to brushed oil rubbed bronze finish, Jeffrey Alexander helps you to give a luxurious feel to your cabinets.

  3. Unmatched elegance: They provide the highest aesthetic standards and styles, ranging from traditional to modern they give an exclusive feel to your cabinets.

  4. Sizes: Ranging from 32mm to 480mm, they contain pulls and other elements of various sizes for virtually all cabinets.

  5. Reliability: With the best craftsmen and quality team, they have reliable and long-lasting products.

  6. Lifetime warranty: One of the most exclusive features of Jeffrey Alexander is that it provides splendid hardware with a lifetime warranty.

Things To Consider Before Buying Cabinets Hardware!

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When styling your cabinet hardware, you need to think wisely before buying. It should be both comfortable to use and match the style of your kitchen. There are obviously no hard and fast rules to undergo, but following the given guidelines can give an idea of the hardware that will look well placed as well as proportional on your cabinets.

  1. Knobs vs. Pulls

  2. Sizes

  3. Positioning of handles

  4. Style to opt for

  5. Finishes

  6. Material

1. Knobs Vs. Pulls

The two of the most common types of hardware are knobs and pulls. They can be mixed and matched to add visual interest, and if you like a consistent look, you can stick to one of them. But how do you choose the right one? From birdcage pulls to mushroom knobs, Jeffrey Alexander provides a variety to choose from.

All knobs

If you have highly detailed kitchen cabinets, all knobs are the best choice for you. They are mounted to the outer surface of your cabinet and are simple and easy to install. Jeffrey Alexander provides knobs in the square, oval, bar, and mushroom shapes with different finishes.

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All Pulls

Whether nickel arch pulls or satin cup pulls, these types of hardware are best for contemporary kitchen cabinets. While knobs are proven to be best for small drawers, pulls work well for large cabinets. From Jeffrey Alexander, you can get a vast array of pull styles that complement your kitchen interior.

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Mix and Match

The mix and match of knobs and pulls are, perfect when your cabinets are also a transition of contemporary and traditional style. You can opt for knobs on upper cabinets and pulls on lower ones or knobs on the doors and pulls on the drawers, creating visual interest.

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2. Style

From traditional all the way to modern eclectic styles, Jeffrey Alexander hardware comes in a range of versatile styles. The three most common styles that are often encountered are:

  1. Heritage

  2. Transitional

  3. Modern

Heritage Style

If you have a kitchen that has detailing and moldings, then the traditional style of knobs and pulls are for you. They are mostly similar to cabinets in color, more embellished and ornate, but when it comes to shape, it remains simple like the square knobs in brushed oil rubbed bronze by Jeffrey Alexander or antique copper machined round knobs. The most common finishes opted to complement the traditional styles are copper, iron, and bronze.

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Transitional Style

If your kitchen has sleek lines and a neutral color palette, then the transitional style of hardware is the perfect choice to opt for. They have a metal or stainless-steel finish and mixed texture.

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Modern style

From antique brushed satin brass pull to satin nickel triangular knob, Jeffrey Alexander has a collection of modern hardware. They mostly have oil-rubbed bronze or satin nickel and brass finishes, giving them a more dramatic look.

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3. Material

Once you have decided the style and type of hardware you want, the next point to consider is the material and finishes you want. As finishes complete the look and make the final look catchy, it is an important step. Jeffrey Alexander hardware comes in a variety of finishes, including the trendy matte black, polished nickel, brushed oil rubbed bronze and gold, satin gold, and many more. But the whole choice comes to an end when you are confused about opting for the right one. So, here are some general rules:

  1. For a more traditional look, go for highly polished or brushed gold

  2. If you want to make it look like a contemporary setting, brass and Pewter hardware is for you

  3. To enhance the transitional look, go for black hardware like brushed black nickel or Bordeaux black.

4. Sizes

The most cumbersome task that needs to be done is picking the right size of hardware for your cabinets.


If you have opted for knobs, then you can choose a size between 1 to 1.25’’ as a safe bet mainly unless you want to give a minimalist or oversized look.


Here comes the trickiest part because we have many configurations to choose from.

  1. The most general rule to go for is the thumb rule that says, “Your pulls should be almost 1/3rd of the total length of the drawer and cabinets.

  2. They must have almost 3” center to center.

By following these two simple rules,  to enhance the transitional kitchen design look, you will find the pull that looks pleasing and proportional on most of them almost every time. However, for a modern look, we have pulls that are as long as the entire length of the desired cabinet.

5.  Placement

The next step is concerned with placement, which is quite an easy one. According to the professional carpenter, Ken Decost, always keep the knob centered on the stile and keep the lower hole in line with the rail in case of pull. By following the enlisted rules of thumb, you can easily place the hardware:

  1. Place knobs and pulls at the center of the drawers are less than 24 inches in size

  2. While placing on the cabinet, mount the knobs and pull on the side opposite the hinge, 2 to 3 inches from the corner.

6. Cost

Last but not least, the cost matters a lot. Always keep your budget in mind. Normally, a single knob or pull by Jeffrey Alexander can cost you somewhere between $2 to $20. So, a single room with 40 pulls or knobs would cost you almost $80 to $800.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jeffrey Alexander hardware good?

Yes. There is no better option than Jeffrey Alexender’s hardware. You can rely on their hardware to the fullest. What they believe is that a good product is one that is both durable and also lasts for the most prolonged time.

Why trust Jeffrey Alexander products?

Ans: They place a high value on the virtues of excellence, honesty, and trustworthiness. Their hardware is extremely well-designed and has a lot of quality details. Solid zinc or stainless steel is used to construct each piece of hardware instead of, as compared to feeble, lightweight pieces that may not be as long-lasting.

Conclusion – The Bottom Line!

Whether you are updating an existing kitchen or undertaking a complete kitchen renovation, the importance of cabinet hardware cannot be overstated. By simply selecting the appropriate cabinet hardware, you can completely transform the appearance and feel of your kitchen.  With the vast array of hardware available at Jeffrey Alexander, choosing them can be quite easy and interesting. The hardware is as necessary exceptionally as the cabinets are. As the house owner, your final goal is always to turn your heavenly house into something beautiful and aesthetic, and Jeffrey Alexander hardware will help you achieve your dream.

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