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In this new digital age, technologies and softwares are constantly evolving and being developed to make every part of our lives easier. Some of these softwares can even help us plan for the future, like a virtual kitchen design. Kitchen design tools can show you with great detail and accuracy what your future kitchen or kitchen remodel will look like. As trends and styles come and go, having a tool that can be easily adjusted is key. There are plenty of kitchen design tools and softwares available, but here are some key aspects each one should have. 

Couple standing by the table and looking at blueprints during kitchen renovation


Since it’s your kitchen that will be the final product, you should have complete control over what you want to include in your virtual kitchen design. Virtual design tools should allow you to alter or change any part of your kitchen plans, with measurements, adding structures like windows and pillars or furniture and appliances. You should also still have computer control over things like zoom, scrolling, and saving and loading your project designs. 


Whatever kitchen design tool you choose to work with, it should still provide you with various options to change the appearance and design of your kitchen. Kitchen design tools will provide various options for you to choose from in order to change the style, size or placement of objects, furniture or appliances. Virtual design tools should still provide structures to place in your kitchen design plans as well, such as windows, pillars, or doors and doorways. 

3D View

Virtual design planner tools will often have a 3D view or mode that you can switch to. The best design tools will offer this option to give you the opportunity to see your plans in a different view. Good virtual design tools will allow you to continue to work and explore in this 3D view, so that you can see your changes up close, as well as how different furniture and appliances look and fit next to each other. In this view, it will be easier to notice details and focus on visual elements, such as color. Using a 3D view with your virtual kitchen design will allow you to compare and contrast different styles without ever spending a penny!


How easy to use is the software you chose? Good kitchen design softwares are intuitive and easy to figure out, without too many tutorials or training. The best design softwares don’t need any teaching or tutorials to use, and users can jump right in without hesitation. Different tools and features should be labeled to avoid confusion and include user-friendly icons. A great feature that all softwares should include are undo and redo buttons to help correct and avoid any mistakes during the design process. 


Virtual design tools shouldn’t have to make you recreate your kitchen completely from scratch. The best kitchen design tools will have template kitchens that you can choose from to get you started and then make your changes from there. Most templates will come with an array of options that you can pick from to match your current kitchen or future plans. Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, and so should the templates that come with your kitchen design tool. Some templates may come as a blank room with just the measurements and dimensions, and others may come fully-furnished with kitchen appliances as well. This gives you the ability to move or change anything within the template that you choose. 

Kitchen Design at Cleveland Cabinets 

Cleveland Cabinets has its own 3D kitchen design software that we use for all of our design plans. We can help you design your entire kitchen remodel with 3D plans so you know exactly what to expect. Visit our website or call (216) 459-7676 today!

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